Bear Down on Bullies

Bear Down on Bullies

"Bear Down on Bullies" is an informative, hands-on, anti-bullying show created by Staley Da Bear, the team's official mascot, to educate today's youth about the importance of respect, how to deal with and prevent bullying. Staley and his emcee will jump start your child's desire to get along with each other and live in a more friendly and welcoming environment by combining education, comedy, and super cool prizes into this high energy show!

Staley and his emcee discuss five types of bullies:

  • Big-mouth bully
  • Hands-on bully
  • Butt-out bully
  • Cyber-bully
  • All-around Bully

They have a group discussion over proper ways for your students to deal with bullying. Staley shares his own experiences with his bully, Fluffy. A strong emphasis is placed on a team concept approach to school and how your students can help each other to foster a positive learning environment

As a wrap up, Staley will present your school with a player-autographed "Bear Down on Bullies" banner to display within the school. Staley encourages your students to add their own names to the banner as a pledge to "Bear Down on Bullies".

Click Here to download a PDF overview of the Bear Down on Bullies program.