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First and Goal

  • Overview

  • Overview

    First and Goal School Program: How To Score A Touchdown For A Healthy Life!

    The Chicago Bears are proud to present the most informative, hands-on, educational school health show in the NFL and Chicagoland! First and Goal was created by Staley Da Bear, the teams official mascot, to educate today's youth about the benefits of living a healthy life. Staley and his MC will jumpstart your child’s desire to begin living a smarter and healthier life by combining education and comedy into a high energy show!

    The Message: How to score a touchdown for a healthy life!

    A one hour fun-filled school program teaching elementary students the 4 downs to scoring a healthy touchdown in the game of life. The 4 downs are as follows:

    • 1st Down: Eat Healthy
    • 2nd Down: Drink Plenty of Water
    • 3rd Down: Get Plenty of Rest
    • 4th Down: Keep Physically Active

    The Objective: To encourage students to take Staley's Fitness Challenge.

    For 6 weeks, students will chart their progress on their way to living a healthier life by following the 4 downs. Staley's Fitness Chart is located on this website for students to print off and begin charting their personal growth.

    The Touchdown: Every student who finishes Staley’s Fitness Challenge wins a prize!

    Every student who completes Staley's Fitness Challenge will receive: a special Chicago Bears Health Award commemorating the accomplishments of each challenger.

  • First & Goal: 6-Week Fitness Challenge

    Congratulations! You've just made the first step in scoring a touchdown for a healthier life! Now is the time to start living smarter by completing the 4 downs in the First & Goal Program.

    To get started:

    Step 1: Ask your parents and your family doctor’s permission to begin the 6 Week Fitness Challenge. Remember, your parents and your teacher must sign each weekly chart in order for you to be considered for the Grand Prize Drawing. They must know you are taking Staley's 6 Week Fitness Challenge!

    Step 2: Print out one chart each week and follow the rules of each of the 4 downs. Everyday, you have the opportunity to score 26 points.

    Step 3: Chart your progress by checking each down that you accomplish at the end of each day. It will be easier if you keep a notebook so you can keep your charts in order. After 6 weeks you will have 6 pages in your notebook! Be sure to use only one day a week as a Time-Out!

    Step 4: At the end of the 6 Week Fitness Challenge, make sure one of your parents or legal guardian AND your teacher has signed each weekly chart. There should be 6 weekly charts in your notebook. Be sure to include your 250 word essay in the notebook too! Your essay should be about something you learned in the past 6 weeks about living healthy.

    (Younger children may draw a picture accompanied by a sentence)

    Step 5: Send in your notebook that has your 6 weekly charts (all of them signed) and your 250 word essay to:

    Chicago Bears
    c/o Staley Da Bear's 6 Week Fitness Challenge
    1410 S Museum Campus Drive
    Gate 10
    Chicago, IL 60605

    (Schools and teachers who choose to collect the charts may send in only names and grade level of each child.)

    Click Here to download the 6-Week Fitness Challenge Score Card

  • Q. How do I get the Chicago Bears First and Goal School Program to my school?

    A. Please call the Chicago Bears Mascot Coordinator, Scott Adams, at 312-235-7116 or his hotline at 847-739-7320 to book a school show today. School shows fill up fast, so the earlier you call, the better your chances are of securing a First & Goal assembly.

    Q. How and why did First and Goal get started?

    A. First and Goal was created because of the need to help defeat the obesity epidemic in today's youth. We talked with local elementary school officials and parents to understand what they needed help with concerning their children’s health. An overwhelming number of parents and officials said they needed assistance in teaching their children the benefits of living healthy while making it fun and exciting. In addition, we learned that many school districts rated the obesity epidemic as their biggest challenge to overcome in their schools. First and Goal was created to teach children that their health habits are important, yet "cool" enough to actually participate in with the help of their parents and teachers.

    Where did you get your health information from and are you sensitive to the needs of those who need to know this information?

    A. First & Goal took over 6 months to research, create and design. We researched private and public healthcare, physical fitness, educational and government sanctioned health and fitness programs. The frame work for Staley's Fitness Challenge is slightly modeled after the President’s Fitness Challenge ( The First and Goal script is positive and sensitive in nature to the audience members.

    Q. Can our students participate in Staley's Fitness Challenge even if Staley doesn’t visit our school?

    A. Absolutely! Every student is able to participate in the fitness challenge and is encouraged to do so. If they complete the program (including getting their parents and teacher's signatures, as well as writing the 250 word essay) the student will also qualify to have his or her name submitted for the Grand Prize.

    Q. What do I need to do to complete the 4 Downs of Staley’s Fitness Challenge?

    A. 1st Down- Eat Healthy

    Eating healthy is the most important down in the 4 Downs. The following is a list of healthy foods that we recommend you include in your eating habits. The main goal of 1st Down is to cut out unhealthy foods (Like chips, candy, doughnuts, pizza, fast food and sugar filled snacks). Make sure your parents help you with your food choices!

    The following table is an example of what you can eat to complete 1st Down. All examples are taken from the USDA Food Pyramid (Visit for more information)

    Lunch Dinner Snacks
    Grapefruit Turkey Sandwich Green Beans Carrot Sticks
    Oatmeal P&J Sandwich Corn Apples
    Sugar Free Cereal Ham sandwich Potatoes,mashed Bananas
    Wheat Toast Grapes Meat Yogurt
    Egg Whites Apples Chicken Plain Popcorn
    Yogurt Oranges Salad Oranges
    Orange Juice Wheat bread Vegetables Fruits
    Skim Milk Be fast food free! Fish Vegetables

    2nd Down-Drinking plenty of water

    Your body lives because of water! In order for your body to work you need to feed it up with water every day. Imagine if your mom or dad forgot to put gas in the car! The car would not work. The same goes with our bodies! Water is our body’s energy. Fill it up!

    Make sure you drink a glass of water (8 oz) for every 25lbs that you weigh each day to complete 2nd Down. If you weigh 75lbs, you should drink 3 glasses of water a day. Be sure to drink an extra glass or two when you play or exercise!

    3rd Down-Proper Rest

    Our bodies need to relax, so our brain and heart can be revitalized. The amount of sleep you need depends on your age, but if you are in elementary school you need at least 10 hours of rest each day. Find your age on this chart to see what one pediatrician recommends you need each day to complete the 3rd Down.

    4th Down-Physically Active

    Physical activity is as important as eating healthy to scoring a touchdown in the game of life. Put down that TV remote and video controller for about an hour each day and do one of your favorite activities. You can complete the 4th Down by simply jumping rope, playing a sport, going for a walk, running, or riding a bike. Good Luck!