Tales to Tackle

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  • Overview

    The Chicago Bears are proud to present the most innovative incentive-based reading program in the NFL! "Tales to Tackle" was created by Staley Da Bear, the team's official mascot, to promote his love and enthusiasm towards reading and learning. Staley is inviting all elementary-aged students to share in his delight by participating in this new program. Staley and his MC will jump start your child's desire to pick up a book by combining education and comedy into a 45 minute high energy show!

  • The Program

    The Message: "Tales to Tackle"...Dive into a good book.

    A 45 minute fun-filled school program discussing the five essential components of reading which, according to the National Institute for Literacy include: phonetic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. A special focus is given to the area of comprehension and the importance of remembering key strategies that can be helpful when reading. Further, Staley and his MC entwine education and comedy to create an engaging hands-on assembly exploring reading comprehension and the differences between fiction and non-fiction reading.

    Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Bears “Tales to Tackle” reading program. The central aspect of the “Tales to Tackle” program is to promote ready across all schools. By choosing to participate in this program your school receives a chart to track individual student progress and football themed stickers the students can use to track each book they read.​

    ​ The goal is for students to read as many teacher-approved books each month as they can. The Tales to Tackle program will run from November 1st until April 1st. There are two ways for students and schools to benefit from this program.​

    Each month we ask the teacher to report the names of all students and the number of books they have read. The top 5 readers from across the program each month will receive a special gift from the Chicago Bears.​

    Annually: At the end of the program (April 1st) we will review the total number of books read for each student entered into the program. The top 5 students from across the program who have read the most books will receive a special gift from the Chicago Bears

    The Grand Prize: The top school will score the ultimate prize!

    At the end of the program (May 1st) the school who has read the most books will win a $5,000 grant from the Chicago Bears. Staley, along with a special guest, will visit the school to present the check.

  • Getting Started

    The Chicago Bears offer our “Tales to Tackle” reading program to schools across Illinois. The program is geared toward students in grades K-8 and includes an interactive poster for the classroom for students to track their reading. The goal is for students to read as many teacher approved books each month. If your classroom is interested in participating during the 2017-2018 school year, please contact the Community Relations Department at (847) 739-5308 to sign up, receive your poster and more instructions.