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  • ITB: Spice crashes comedy club

    Posted Apr 28, 2015

    Anthony Adams and some of his former teammates head to the Laugh Factory for Jerry Azumah’s comedy fundraiser. Spice gets some standup tips from one of Chicago’s favorite comedians.

  • ITB: Wilson keeps kids active

    Posted Apr 27, 2015

    Inside the Bears co-host Lyndsay Petruny talks to Otis Wilson about his 55-Alive after school program that helps Chicago students stay active.

  • ITB: Staley stands up to bullies

    Posted Apr 22, 2015

    Inside the Bears co-host Lyndsay Petruny follows Staley to a local school where he teaches kids about the importance of anti-bullying.

  • ITB: Ditka's draft day

    Posted Apr 21, 2015

    The Bears selected Mike Ditka fifth overall in the 1961 draft, but the Hall of Fame tight end thought another team was going to draft him to play linebacker.

  • ITB: Bushrod plays Whisper Challenge

    Posted Apr 20, 2015

    Bears offensive lineman Jermon Bushrod and Inside the Bears co-host Anthony Adams play the "Whisper Challenge." Watch as they wear headphones trying to guess what random phrase the other is saying.

  • ITB: Brown, McKie work out Spice

    Posted Apr 14, 2015

    You may have seen Anthony interview his former teammates Alex Brown and Jason McKie, but what you didn't see was the grueling workout Anthony suffered at their gym.

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