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  • ITB: Bears, Cutler grant wish

    Posted Oct 21, 2014

    Sam Mitchaner's wish was to meet Jay Cutler. The Bears teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant 10-year-old Sam’s wish and they gave him a day he'll never forget.

  • ITB: Adams crashes ladies night

    Posted Oct 21, 2014

    Football 101 at Soldier Field is the ultimate ladies night event designed exclusively for female Bears fans. Watch as Anthony Adams crashes the event.

  • ITB: Gould Commercial Shoot

    Posted Oct 21, 2014

    Robbie Gould is used to pressure kicks, but hhgregg presented him with a different challenge. The Bears kicker was part of a commercial shoot and Inside the Bears was behind-the-scenes.

  • ITB: Williams, players donate clothes

    Posted Oct 14, 2014

    D.J. Williams, Brandon Marshall and Tim Jennings empty out their closets and donate their clothes and Chicago Bears gear to deserving area kids.

  • ITB: Big Guys, Compact Cars-Ferguson

    Posted Oct 14, 2014

    Anthony Adams and Ego Ferguson go for a ride in "Big Guys in Compact Cars." Ferguson talks about his nicknames and tries to help Anthony drive a stick shift.

  • ITB: The NFL's fashion police

    Posted Oct 14, 2014

    Former Bears wide receiver Brian Baschnagel is one of the NFL's Fashion Police - on site inspectors who report violations of uniform rules to the league office.

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