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  • ITB: Joniak Interviews OLine

    Posted Apr 16, 2014

    Chicago Bears Network’s Jeff Joniak interviewed the starting five offensive lineman last season. Inside the Bears recently aired some amusing bonus clips from the interview not seen before.

  • ITB: Marshall's performance facility

    Posted Apr 15, 2014

    Brandon Marshall has been working with trainer Matt Gates since his college days at the University of Central Florida. Now the two have teamed up to form Fit Speed to help train elite athletes.

  • ITB: Urlacher vs. Adams

    Posted Apr 14, 2014

    Anthony Adams challenges his former teammate Brian Urlacher to a game of ping pong and asks him to run him through one of his daily workouts. Urlacher gets a good laugh at Adam’s expense.

  • ITB: Adams skills challenge

    Posted Apr 2, 2014

    Still unable to accept retirement, Anthony Adams returns to the gridiron with little fanfare. Adams coaches fans through a number of drills and challenges their football skills.

  • ITB: Bears honor veteran

    Posted Apr 1, 2014

    The veterans honored during Bears games at Soldier Field have selflessly served our country. Lyndsay Petruny sat down with one of these veterans, a 90-year-old former Marine who served during World War II.

  • ITB: Get to know Marquess Wilson

    Posted Mar 31, 2014

    Wide receiver Marquess Wilson has been training with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery in hopes of elevating his game. Lyndsay Petruny went to South Florida to catch up with the second year wide receiver.

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