Pace talks Bears issues before 49ers game

Posted Dec 3, 2017

Bears general manager Ryan Pace appeared on the WBBM 780 AM and 105.9 FM pre-game show in advance of Sunday’s home game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Bears general manager Ryan Pace appeared on the WBBM 780 AM and 105.9 FM pre-game show in advance of Sunday's home game against the San Francisco 49ers. Here's a transcript of that interview:

On whether there were any silver linings in last weekend's loss to the Eagles:

"I don't know about any silver linings. But here's what I do know: The Eagles are obviously playing at a high level right now. They've got a lot of momentum and we clearly didn't play well enough in all three phases, and I think the result was lopsided because of that. It was disappointing, but I look forward to how we respond today."

On his frustration level with the team's repeated mistakes:

"Anytime we don't get results, there are frustrations for all of us, me included. But what we have to do is channel that frustration really into our preparation— how we practice—and prevent that from reoccurring."

On rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky's leadership and his honest assessment of his play:

"Mitch has a lot of natural leadership traits to him. It's very organic for him. It's just him being himself. That's on and off the field. That's easy for him. In regard to his honest assessments, he's never a guy that's going to point fingers and I think that's an important trait, especially for that position. Really he just acknowledges what he has to improve on and goes to work."

On Trubisky saying he's only concerned about what he can control:

"He's very mature for his age and I think he's very focused."

On whether injuries are eroding the defense:

"I think the reality is that it's Week 13, it's a tough sport, and every team is dealing with this to some extent. But what's hard is sometimes you get hit at one spot. Earlier this year it was receiver. Right now it's safety. But that's just part of the game. Your depth gets tested. But with these injuries there are also some positives. You get some guys back. We're going to get Danny Trevathan back today. That'll be a big boost to our defense."

On bringing back Lamarr Houston and Chris Prosinski this week:

"I think we were fortunate enough to have those guys still available and really have an understanding of our defense. That was key to our search and because of that there's really not much of a learning curve. They can get re-acclimated pretty quick."

On the final five weeks of the season:

"I look at it like this: Every one of these games is an important evaluation. We look at these next five weeks as an opportunity to respond to adversity and an opportunity to finish our season strong and finish the season the right way."

On 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo:

"I obviously followed his career closely from Eastern Illinois and then the Patriots and now the 49ers. Really he had the fortunate opportunity to learn behind one of the greatest the last three-and-a-half years. Physically, he's got a really quick release, he's got a strong arm, he can process fast. We talk about that a lot. He's got feet to buy time when he has to. He's a good young player and he's in a good opportunity in a good offense with Kyle Shanahan."