Will Hester be more involved?

Posted Sep 17, 2012

Larry discusses whether Devin Hester will play a bigger role on offense, the likelihood of J'Marcus Webb losing his starting job and how Lovie Smith has fared against the Rams.

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I really thought Devin Hester would be more of a factor on offense than he's been early in the season. Do you see him being more involved in the future?

Donald P.
Schaumburg, Illinois

It's all about match-ups in coordinator Mike Tice's offense, so it's difficult to say what Devin Hester's role with be, and I think it will change from game to game. I was a little surprised that Hester wasn't more involved in Thursday night's loss to the Packers, but the Bears completed only 11 passes with just four of those coming in the first half. So it's not like any of the receivers were much of a factor against the Packers. Hester did have a key third-down drop, which was only one of a number of costly mistakes by the offense.

Do you think the Bears will replace J'Marcus Webb as their starting left tackle? He really struggled against the Packers.

Michael G.

If offensive coordinator Mike Tice thinks that Chris Williams, Jonathan Scott or someone else gives the Bears a better chance to win, I'm sure he won't hesitate to make a move. Otherwise, they Bears will stick with J'Marcus Webb. Webb did struggle in Thursday night's loss and needs to play better, but he was facing one of the NFL's best pass rushers in Clay Matthews and Webb certainly wasn't the only one to blame for the sacks. There were times when other players missed blocks, the quarterback hung onto the ball too long and receivers didn't get open. It was pretty much a disaster across the board. The important thing to remember was that it was only one game and there are 14 more to go. The Bears played poorly in a Week 2 loss in New Orleans last year and eventually bounced back to win five straight games before Jay Cutler was lost for the season with a broken thumb.

How has Lovie Smith fared against the Rams as Bears head coach?

Ron S.

The Bears are 3-0 against the Rams since Lovie Smith became coach in 2004, winning by scores of 42-27 in 2006, 27-3 in 2008 and 17-9 in 2009. Smith joined the Bears after spending three seasons as Rams defensive coordinator from 2001-03.

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