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  • Bear Down of Week 16: Nominations

    Posted 4 hours ago

    Vote for one of the three plays you think should be the Bear Down of the Week for the Bears-Lions game in Week 16. To vote, go to

  • Bears Buzz: Bears-Lions

    Posted Dec 19, 2014

    A roundup of players and coaches speaking throughout the week as the Bears prepare to take on the Lions at Soldier Field on Sunday.

  • Bear Down of Week 15: Vereen FF

    Posted Dec 19, 2014

    Fans voted safety Brock Vereen's forced fumble as the Bear Down of Week 15.

  • Bears Roundtable Wk 16 (1 of 5)

    Posted Dec 19, 2014

    Jeff Joniak, Tom Thayer, and Larry Mayer are joined by former Bears wide receiver Rashied Davis on Bears Roundtable to discuss his career and other Bears topics.