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  • Accessible Seating Policy
    • Assistive Listening System (ALS)
      Devices are available at the Gate 0 Fan Services Booth in the South Courtyard. A driver’s license, credit card, or other form of ID will be required as a deposit.

      PNC ATMS are located throughout the stadium: Dr Pepper Patio in the South Courtyard, Sections 128 and 321, 439, United Club Section 314 and 100 Level, Section 350, North Garage near the Bears Pro Shop, North Garage Level 3, and outside Gate 10. Soldier Field ATMs are also located at Sections 101, 117, 138, and 342.

      Bag Policy
      Based on recommended NFL public safety best practices, we strongly encourage fans o not bring any bags. One (per person) of the bags listed below will be permitted inside Soldier Field.
      • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12”x 6”x 12” • One-gallon re-sealable clear freezer bag • Women’s clutch purse no larger than 4.5” x 6.5” with one of the clear plastic bags • Medical bags for accompanying patron (must not exceed size of medically necessary items)

      All items subject to search. All other bags will be denied. For a complete list of Prohibited Items, see the 'Prohibited Items.' For more information on the NFL Bag Policy visit,

      Captioning and Description
      All integral game information is captioned on the scoreboards in the North and South end zones of Soldier Field.

      Electrical Outlets
      Electrical outlets are located on various wheelchair platforms throughout Soldier Field. Please alert the ADA Coordinator to your need for an outlet when purchasing or exchanging your tickets.

      One elevator is located in the southeast corner of the Dr Pepper Patio in the South Courtyard inside Gate 6 providing service from the Grand Concourse to the Verizon Mezzanine Level. A second elevator is located in the southwest corner of the stadium on the Verizon Mezzanine Level behind Section 128 providing access from the Verizon Mezzanine level to the Media Deck and the West Grandstand. All elevators are ADA accessible. Due to limited availability, we ask that only those guests with special needs use the elevators. Patrons with physical challenges do not need a pass to ride the elevators.

      Elevators to the United Club can be accessed from Gate 14.

      In addition to the elevators, ramps are located in the south endzone to access all levels of Soldier Field.

      Should there be an immediate need to evacuate the stadium, fans will be given instructions via the public address system and/or the video board. If you require assistance, please see the nearest usher. Our usher staff has been trained to assist you to the nearest exit or Area of Refuge during an evacuation.

      Fan Services
      Soldier Field Fan Services team members are stationed at eight Fan Services booths located throughout the stadium and two Concierge desks in the United Club. Fan Services Booths are located at: Inside Gate 0, Inside Gate 19, Verizon Mezzanine Concourse – Sections 119, 138, Colonnade Level Sections 320, 332, 350, Grandstand Level Section 444, Concierge Desks in the United Club 100 Level. Fan Services team members at the Fan Services Booths inside the stadium can assist with questions and listen to fans’ concerns; assist with acquiring Assistive Listening Devices and re-seating guests with disabilities.

      Parking/Drop Off Location
      Each parking lot is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. A pre-paid parking coupon and ADA placard or license plate is required to park in the Museum Campus parking lot ADA spaces. The person to whom the license plate or placard is registered must be an occupant in the vehicle. Guests without a pre-paid parking coupon are encouraged to park at the Millennium Park Garage or the Southwest Parking Facilities at McCormick Place (first come, first served) and take the free ADA accessible shuttles directly to the ADA Drop-Off/Pick-Up area outside Gate 10. Pre-paid parking for single games can be purchased in advance at:

      The ADA Drop-Off/Pick-Up Area is located outside Gate 10 on the Southeast side of the stadium. An ADA placard or ADA license plate is required for access, and the person to whom the placard or license plate is registered must be an occupant of the vehicle in order to access the Gate 10 drop-off. If the driver does not have a coupon for onsite parking, they will be directed back into the traffic queue to the nearest available cash parking.

      All restrooms throughout Soldier Field are accessible. There are also Family Restrooms located in the Dr Pepper Patio in the South Courtyard, as well as near Sections 121, 146, 154, 320, 354, 435, 437, 439; in the United Club 100 level (south end), and Sections 202, 216.

      Service Animals
      Seeing-eye dogs and other assistive animals accompanying the disabled or visually impaired are permitted at Soldier Field. Please contact the ADA Coordinator at (847) 615-2327 to make accommodations or for additional information. All other animals are prohibited.

      ADA Accessible shuttles run from the Southwest Parking Facilities and the Millennium Park Garage to the designated ADA Entrance, Gate 10. Please note that during peak times, the accessible Millennium shuttle may limit passengers to the disabled patron and one guest. Additional guests may ride the Millennium shuttle busses that drop off at 18th street.

      SP+ has a limited number of courtesy carts available for transport of disabled guests to and from the Museum Campus parking lots (South Lot and Adler Lot). Only the disabled guest and one companion will be permitted on the carts. Designated pick-up and drop-off locations are outside of the South Lot on the walkway near Museum Campus Drive at 18th Street and outside of the Adler Lot at the corner of Solidarity Drive and Lynn White Drive.

      Season Ticket Holders that have a temporary need to utilize ADA Seating should contact the Chicago Bears Ticket Office at 847-615-2327 to make accommodations.

      Wheelchair seating is available for purchase on a single-game basis for each home game through Ticketmaster. Should the wheelchair seating allocation through Ticketmaster become exhausted, fans with disabilities are encouraged to proceed with the purchase of conventional seating - if available - then call the Bears Ticket Office at (847) 615-2327 to arrange an exchange.

      For best availability and expedited entry in to the stadium, it is highly encouraged to exchange tickets in advance of Game Day by calling the Chicago Bears Ticket Office.

      Wheelchair Transports
      A limited number of wheelchairs are available for transporting guests with disabilities to their seating locations. If you need a wheelchair throughout the game, please bring one with you.

      Wheelchair transports are readily available at Gate 10, but can be called to other Gates by contacting a Fan Services Team Member.

      Comments, Questions, Suggestions
      Meeting the needs of our disabled guests visiting Soldier Field is a never-ending commitment. In our mission to improve stadium accessibility, we ask that you contact us with your comments, questions, and/or suggestions:
      Chicago Bears
      Attn: ADA Coordinator
      1920 Football Drive
      Lake Forest, IL 60045
      Phone: 847-615-2327

      Effective August 17, 2010

      The Bears are committed to providing accessible seats for our fans with disabilities and we believe our stadium meets the demands of our fans and their companions for accessible seating in a variety of convenient locations and at different price levels. We have issued this policy to allow tickets for accessible seats to be made available to the public and to fans with physical disabilities who have purchased tickets for conventional seats and wish to exchange them for Available Accessible Seats.

      The following shall be the Chicago Bears Accessible Seating Policy ("the “Policy") regarding accessible seating for Bears home games at Soldier Field commencing in 2006 and continuing until revised.

      I. General Policies

      A. The Bears will provide accessible seating and companion seating to persons with disabilities in a manner consistent with obligations under disability rights laws. In furtherance of this mandate, the Bears will establish appropriate written policies.

      B. The Bears will market the Policy, to include: posting the Policy on its website; issuing press releases about the Policy summaries and disability seating opportunities to local and state media outlets; and forwarding policy summaries and disability seating opportunities to disability rights organizations throughout the state.

      C. The Bears will inform all relevant staff about the Policy and copies of Policy summaries shall be conspicuously posted in all offices where tickets are sold and/or distributed by the Bears and Policy summaries shall also be provided to the Bears’ authorized ticket agency.

      D. The Bears will insure persons with disabilities have an equal opportunity to purchase available Permanent Seat Licenses (PSLs), season tickets and single game tickets at all prices comparable to those available to ambulatory patrons.

      E. The Bears will identify on their season ticket application forms how patrons with disabilities may seek disabled seating tickets. Single-game tickets for persons with disabilities will be available by whatever means they are available to ambulatory patrons (e.g., at the Bears ticket office, at Ticketmaster outlets, over the phone through Ticketmaster, on the internet through Ticketmaster, etc.). In 2 many cases, tickets for disabled seating will be available at the time of the initial purchase. When that is not the case, but conventional seating is still available, the patron will be offered conventional tickets and instructed to contact the Bears ticket office to arrange an exchange for disabled seating. Such exchange will be done under the direct supervision of the Bears ADA Coordinator (see VII.B below) in accordance with the procedures set forth below.

      II. Available Accessible Seating for Persons With Disabilities and Their Companions

      A. Through the use of permanent and temporary platforms, Soldier Field will maintain the capacity to accommodate 289 wheelchair accessible seats and 289 companion seats. These 578 seats will be known as the "Available Accessible Seats." The Available Accessible Seats will be located on platforms in 42 locations at Soldier Field. As of the effective date of this policy, those locations are:

      Mezzanine Level: Sections 105, 108, 110, 113, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 130, 131, 136, 138, 143, 144, 150, 151, 152 & 153.

      Lower Club: Sections 205, 208, 209, 210 & 213.

      Mid-Level End Zone: Sections 220, 221, 222, 223, 250, 251, 252 & 253.

      Media Deck: Sections 232, 233, 241 & 242.

      Grandstand: Sections 331, 332, 336, 338, 342 & 343.

      The platform locations provide a variety of ticket prices and locations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Illinois Accessibility Code. Each platform will provide persons with disabilities with views similar to those of patrons in the front row of the sections where the platform is located. Additional platforms will be added should demand exceed 289 disabled seats. See Part IV below.

      The Bears may change platform locations in years subsequent to 2006 but any changes will be consistent with the requirement for Available Accessible Seating to be in a variety of locations having a variety of prices. Any changes in locations will be posted from time to time on the Bears website,

      Please note that not all Available Accessible Seating will be installed at every Bears home game. As explained in Paragraph D below, that number of platforms and seats that are needed for game day requirements (plus extra accessible seats for unexpected demand) will be available on any given game day. Those seats actually installed and ready for use on any given game day are known as "Game Day Accessible Seats."

      B. Available Accessible Seats will be available for purchase by persons who need accessible seating, if available, either as PSLs, season tickets or single game tickets. If ambulatory season ticket holders have a right or option to renew year after year, this right must be extended to season ticket holders with disabilities who have purchased a season ticket. Available Accessible Seats will not be sold as PSLs nor as season tickets to individuals who are not disabled, unless the purchaser states a need to accommodate an individual in his/her party who is disabled.

      C. Regarding the platforms, ten, located in ten different ticket zones, will be permanently installed for the use of persons with disabilities and their companions. These platforms are known as the "Permanent Platforms." As of the effective date of this policy, the Permanent Platforms are located in the following sections: 122, 130, 131, 136, 210, 213, 232, 233, 332 and 336. These ten platform locations represent the minimum number of wheelchair platforms that will be in place for Bears home games. The Game Day Accessible Seats will always include the accessible seats on the Permanent Platforms. As indicated above, the locations of the Permanent Platforms may change in years subsequent to 2006.

      D. Through the use of the Permanent Platforms and, as necessary, additional platforms that are installed, the Bears will maintain, for any single game, the greater of (a) 70 disabled and 70 companion seats or (b) twice the number of disabled seats currently being requested by patrons for any particular game plus a commensurate number of companion seats, up to a maximum of 289 wheelchair accessible seats and 289 companion seats. These accessible seats are the Game Day Accessible Seats available on any given game day.

      Seats in platform locations in which platforms are not installed for any particular game are known as "Unused Available Accessible Seats." With respect to these locations, the Bears policy, in accordance with ADA, will be to remove some number of the platforms housing unused disabled and companion seating and convert those areas to temporary infill (conventional) seating. However, the Permanent Platforms will not be changed during any particular season.

      The determination of the total number of platforms to be in place for a game will not be made until tickets initially are no longer available to the public for purchase and the number of disabled and companion seats requested is known.

      The Bears are confident that through careful planning and experience they will avoid any situation where there are no more disabled seating available for purchase but conventional seats are available. The Bears recognize there may be limited instances when Game Day Accessible Seats are unused.

      E. Any time a PSL holder in an Available Accessible Seat location (by definition, this will be a person who has a disability or whose party includes a person with a disability) decides to sell the PSL, he/she may, at his/her option, sell the PSL back to the Bears at the current discounted price, sell it to a buyer with a physical 4 disability at the market rate, or sell it to an ambulatory buyer at the market rate with the understanding that the Bears will, to the extent possible, change the Accessible Seat location assigned to the ambulatory buyer to a comparable location in conventional seating. Any transfer of a PSL covering a disabled and/or a companion seat to a person who is not disabled (and will not be a companion to a ticket holder with a disability) will be conditioned upon the Bears finding exchange seating in ambulatory seating areas, otherwise the transfer will not be approved.

      III. Selling Available Accessible Seating as Conventional Seating

      A. When, subject to the aforementioned policy, the Bears sell Unused Available Accessible Seats to ambulatory patrons, they will do so in a manner that ensures, to the maximum extent possible, that sufficient Available Accessible Seats remain available for anticipated exchanges. The Bears recognize that by relying on platforms for accessible seating, the sale of one conventional infill seat in a platform area results in the removal of the entire platform, which eliminates all of the disabled seating at that location. Thus, the Bears will convert wheelchair platforms to infill seating (i.e., sell Unused Available Accessible Seats to ambulatory patrons) conservatively to maximize the buying opportunities for individuals with disabilities in various locations and at various prices.

      B. As noted in Part II.B. the Bears will not sell PSLs for any of the Available Accessible Seats except for seats for disabled persons and companions. Unused Available Accessible Seating may be sold by the Bears to ambulatory persons but the Bears will transfer such persons to other seating should those seats be needed for patrons with disabilities and their companions for any home game.

      IV. Future Accessible Seating for Persons With Disabilities and Their Companions

      Additional platforms will be added should demand exceed 289 disabled and 289 companion seats, that is if the demand exceeds the number of Available Accessible Seats. The seats that will be located on these future platforms are called the "Future Accessible Seats."

      Until such time as Future Accessible Seats are needed, the Bears will sell seating in the locations for Future Accessible Seats to persons who are not disabled but will not sell PSLs on seats in such locations. The Bears will sell tickets to ambulatory persons in the locations designated for Future Accessible Seats but will retain the right to use those locations for disabled and companion seating should the need arise in the future. For example, if conventional seats in Future Accessible Seat areas are sold on a season ticket basis, the Bears will reserve the right to either relocate the purchasers to different areas or to not renew season tickets if such Future Accessible Seat areas are needed to expand the accessible seating capacity at Soldier Field.

      V. Accommodating Persons Who Need Accessible Seating

      A. Any person needing an accessible seat who holds a ticket in a conventional seating location will be accommodated in an Available Accessible Seating area that provides a seating experience (e.g., sight lines, proximity to the field, yard line placement, etc.) equivalent to or better than the conventional seating area, without any additional cost. Such accommodations shall be made regardless of the original purchase price on the ticket, that is, there shall be accessible seating available at every ticket price at which conventional seating is available. Such accommodations shall be made regardless of how the conventional seat ticket was procured (e.g., by purchase, gift or work “perk”) or when the Bears were notified about the need for the accommodation. Accommodations will be made even if at the time of procurement, disabled accessible locations had been sold out or were otherwise unavailable. Fans who need to exchange a conventional seat for an accessible seat should contact the Bears Ticket Office as soon as possible.

      B. The Bears sell single-game tickets through Ticketmaster. We will provide Ticketmaster with a certain number of tickets for disabled seats and companion seats. We will also instruct Ticketmaster that, once those allocations are exhausted, patrons seeking such tickets must be offered tickets for conventional seating and then instructed to contact the Bears ADA Coordinator to exchange the tickets for Available Accessible Seats as described above.

      We will be able to accommodate requests for accessible seating plus requests for multiple companion seats. Every effort will be made to attain "equivalent facilitation." A patron with a disability should not have to downgrade location nor in an exchange situation have to accept an inferior grouping of seats. Provided the disabled seating request is made at the time of purchase of the single-game tickets, we will have ample time to accommodate the disabled patron. If, for example, a person using a wheelchair purchases six single-game tickets together, we will attempt to locate a platform on which a wheelchair and five companion seats are together in a row. Likewise, if a wheelchair user purchases two sets of non-contiguous seats to a game, we will ask the patron which set of seats he or she would like to exchange for wheelchair and companion seating and accommodate the preference.

      In an original purchase situation, the rules that apply to the purchase of conventional seating will apply to the sale of accessible seating. Single-game tickets are sold in ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, etc. If a person with a disability calls wanting six seats and six seats in a row are available in conventional seating or accessible seating, six seats in a row will be made available in accessible seating to the patron with a disability. If at the time of the inquiry by the person with a disability, only pairs of seats are available in conventional seating or accessible seating, that is the grouping of Available Accessible Seats that will be offered to the patron with a disability.

      C. In an original purchase situation, the prices of seats available to persons with disabilities would be the same as that available to the able-bodied. For example, if a patron with a disability requested the lowest-priced seating for a Bears game and Grandstand Corner (Sections 427-429 and 445-447) is available to an ablebodied patron that price would be offered to the patron with a disability. However, because Grandstand Corner does not include any Available Accessible Seats, tickets for Available Accessible Seating in non-PSL (Sections 120-124 and 150-153) or PSL end zone (Sections 220-223 and 250-253) or PSL Zone "C" (Sections 130 and 144) or PSL Zone "H" (Sections 332 and 342) or PSL Zone "F" (Sections 231-232 and 242-244) would then be sent to the patron with a disability at no additional charge to him or her. As with contiguous seating situations, the determining factor in price situations would be what is available in conventional seating.

      Grandstand ticket holders with conventional seats who exchange to disabled seating would universally realize a seating upgrade, i.e., they would be switched to more expensive seats closer to the field and at no increase in cost to them. For example, Grandstand Center (Sections 434-440) ticket holders seeking accommodation most likely will be placed in disabled seating in PSL Zones A (Sections 108-110 and 136-138), E (Sections 233 and 241), or G (Sections 336- 338). Similarly, Upper Club (Sections 301-317) ticket holders seeking accommodation will be placed in Lower Club platforms (Sections 205, 208-210, and 213. Grandstand Red Zone patrons (Sections 430-433 and 441 -444) could exchange their tickets for disabled seats in Zone H (Sections 331-332 and 342- 343), Zone F (Sections 231-232 and 242-244), Zone B (Sections 105, 113, 131 and 143), or Zone C (Sections 130 and 144). The Bears would make the decision on comparable yard line and availability.

      D. Once there are no more tickets available to the general public for a Bears game there should be a sufficient number of seats available for people with disabilities who already have tickets in a conventional seating location for that game and wish to exchange them for Available Accessible Seating.

      VI. Monitoring

      Within sixty days of the conclusion of each Bears’ season, the Bears shall submit to the Chicago Park District and to the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) a report detailing, on a game-to-game basis, the use of disabled and companion seating for that season, and any unused seats. The purpose of the submission of such a report shall be to determine whether a modification of this accessible seating policy is warranted. Any modification of the policy shall be in writing and reviewed, in advance, by MOPD.

      VII. Publication of Accessible Seating Policy

      A. The Chicago Bears Accessible Seating Policy will be available through our website,, and information about the policy will be included in our Fan Guide and day-of-game program. Copies of the Fan Guide will be available for distribution at the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities.

      B. The Bears have designated Lee Twarling as the team’s ADA Coordinator. Anyone with a question about accommodations for people with disabilities at Soldier Field for Bears games is encouraged to call the ADA Coordinator at (847) 615-BEAR(2327) or 711 Illinois Relay Service for TTY users. The email address for the Bear’s ADA Coordinator is

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