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    • It's Not Just a Seat. It's a Roster Spot.

      Being a Chicago Bears Season Ticket Holder isn’t just about coming to games at Soldier Field. Season Ticket Holders are the lifeblood of the Bears organization. There are two ways to become a Chicago Bears Season Ticket Holder. Purchase a Permanent Seat License or join the Season Ticket Priority List for non-PSL seating to become a Season Ticket Holder.

      Non-PSL Seating

      Non-PSL season tickets do not require a license fee and are non-transferable. Non-PSL season tickets can only be purchased by joining the Season Ticket Priority List. Bears fans can have their name added to the Season Ticket Priority List (STPL) for a future opportunity to purchase non-PSL season tickets by submitting a $100 per-seat, non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to the first-year purchase price of the season tickets when available.

      Join the STPL today!

      PSL Seating

      PSL stands for Permanent Seat License, which in exchange for a one-time fee gives the license holder permanent control of the rights to the season tickets for a specific seat, including the right to transfer or sell the PSL.

      PSL seating can be bought and sold through the PSL Marketplace between January 21 and May 23 of each year, or may be transferred privately by submitting the PSL Transfer Form between February 1 and June 1.

    • Below is a list of benefits you will receive as a Chicago Bears Season Ticket Holder.

      Savings off single game ticket price Playoff ticket priority
      Private online ticket account management Dedicated Ticket Services Team
      Exclusive STH Advantage discount offers Access to on-site season parking
      STH Connect, dedicated digital newsletter Complimentary Bears yearbook and calendar
      Exclusive STH event invitations Enrollment in the NFL Membership Club
    • SSPSL Seating

      Seat-specific PSL is the name given to all PSLs being offered for purchase in what are now non-PSL seating areas: Sections 119-126, 149-154, 318-326, 348-356, and 427-447. The term "seat-specific" refers to the fact that original PSL purchasers had to make their buying decision based only on a two-dimensional drawing and the knowledge that they would be seated somewhere within a particular zone. A non-PSL season ticket holder has the advantage of having actually sat in the seats before deciding whether to buy PSLs for particular seats.

      Click here to view the Seat Specific FAQs.

    • PSL stands for Permanent Seat License which, in exchange for a one-time fee, gives the license holder permanent control of the rights to the season tickets for a specific seat, including the right to transfer or sell the PSL.

      PSL Rights
      As a PSL owner you have the right to purchase season tickets (pre-season and regular season - playoff games invoiced separately; but excluding the Super Bowl) for your PSL seats for Chicago Bears home games as long as the team plays at Soldier Field. PSL rights do not apply to any other events which may be held at the stadium, including soccer games, college games, concerts or other programs. Club Seat PSLs, however, do receive presale opportunities to purchase tickets to most other events before the general public. Other rights exclusive to PSL holders include permanent control of the season tickets and the right to transfer the PSL (each year from February 1 – June 1).

      The PSL Agreement
      After your purchase of a PSL is confirmed and full payment received, you will be sent a Permanent Seat License Agreement to sign and return. This PSL Agreement is the sole legal document that governs your rights and obligations as Licensee in connection with your PSL. Your PSL Agreement becomes effective only when signed by the Licensor and a fully executed copy will be returned to you for your records.

      Season Ticket Requirement
      You have the right to purchase season tickets every year for each PSL you hold. If you do not purchase season tickets for your PSL seats by a specified deadline each year, your PSL for that seat terminates. You also forfeit all monies paid for the PSL and all rights to buy season tickets for those seats for that season and all following seasons. In that event, the Bears have the right to resell the license and ticket for those seats with no obligation to you as a former PSL owner.

      Club Seats & United Club
      All Club Seats, within sections 202-216 and 301-317, which have access to the United Club lounge along with other amenities and benefits, are PSL seats. You will be invoiced each year for your Club Level annual fees, which include the costs of Club Level season tickets and all Club Level privileges and amenities, including access into the United Club on gamedays. The ratio for a free parking pass is one pass for every two Club 1 PSLs (Sections 209 and 309), one pass for every three Club 2 PSLs (Sections 206-208, 210-212, 306-308 and 310-312) and one pass for every four Club 3 PSLs (Sections 202-205, 213-216, 301-305 and 313-317).

      PSL Transfer
      Only one owner may hold a PSL for a given PSL seat at any given time. PSL owners have the right to transfer a PSL by gift, bequest or otherwise, subject to restrictions stated in the PSL Agreement and the following guidelines established by the Bears. Once you transfer a PSL, you no longer have any rights associated with that seat. A PSL may not be transferred more than once per year, except in the case of the death of the PSL owner. A transfer fee is required to transfer a PSL. Transfers are effective when the transferee has assumed all obligations under the PSL agreement and the transfer has been recorded in the PSL records. PSLs can be transferred each year from February 1 – June 1. Transfers may also take place via the Bears PSL Marketplace (subject to certain restrictions) from January 21 – May 23.

      PSL Purchase
      When you purchase a PSL and sign your PSL Agreement, you are stating, among other things, that you are not acquiring the PSL as an investment and you have no expectation of profit as a PSL owner. No representations or warranties are made regarding the present or future value of PSLs or their marketability. The PSL is not intended to be an investment and should not be purchased for that reason.

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