Gameday Heroes

Chicago Bears Soldier Field - Gameday Heroes

The Chicago Bears would like to recognized gameday staff members who go "above and beyond" their regular duties and responsibilities. These individuals show consistent commitment to their job, co-workers and our fans. To earn the award, the staff member has to be nominated by a supervisor, co-worker or fan. Have a gameday staff member that you would like to nominate? Nominate them here.

9/24 - Bears vs. Steelers
Ariel Conejo (Chicago Bears) Michael Giordano (Chicago Bears) Chris Mitchell (Chicago Bears)
Hillary Nash (Chicago Bears) Ruby French (Chicago Bears) Debi Suchy (Chicago Bears)
Katie Murphy (Chicago Bears) Kerby Callison (Chicago Bears) Gaby Dufour (Chicago Bears)
Jackie Lee Thomas (Chicago Bears) Marge Hamm (Chicago Bears) Paul Upshaw (Chicago Bears)
Gabriela Gomez (Chicago Bears) Spencer Lyles (S3) Ashlee Grant (S3)
Sharon Allen (S3) Desiree Bolden (S3) Sheila Williams (S3)
Demetrius Foster (S3) DarLisa Meaders (S3) Phillip Taylor (S3)
Marge Jamka (S3) Sean Schmeske (S3) Lake Weston (S3)
Davis Castillo (S3) Ayana Brown (S3) Colin Turner (S3)
Susan Powers (S3) Scott Lichtfuss (S3) Jessica Boyd (S3)
Isaac Riggs (SP+) Angie Pacetti (SP+) Margie Leiser (SP+)
Virginia Riley (East Lake Management)    
9/10 - Bears vs. Falcons
Bre Foerster (Chicago Bears) Vincent Waller (Chicago Bears) Ruby French (Chicago Bears)
Ceshia Wilder (Chicago Bears) Sharon Allen (S3) Desiree Bolden (S3)
Davis Castillo (S3) Jessica Estrada (S3) Robert Galassi (S3)
Bryant Hampton (S3) Eddricka Hicks (S3) Phil Macek (S3)
Glenn Meyers (S3) Randall Perrin (S3) Wilson Pierce (S3)
Joe Marchioretto (S3) Reco Sorrells (East Lake Management)  
8/31 - Bears vs. Browns
Victoria Randle (Chicago Bears) Hillary Nash (Chicago Bears) Teleya Bradford (Chicago Bears)
Becca Lauer (Chicago Bears) Toni Kasper (Chicago Bears) Kevin Gier (Chicago Bears)
Ryan Ashe (Chicago Bears) Latosha Wilson (Monterrey) Eugene Black (Monterrey)
William Freeman (Monterrey) James Martin (East Lake Management) Alberto Cerritos (SP+)
Tim Fleenor (SP+) Jaime Gaeta (SP+) Pat Townsend (SP+)
8/10 - Bears vs. Broncos
Jennifer VanTassell (Chicago Bears) Danielle Brooks (Chicago Bears) Taylor Ryan (Chicago Bears)
Ryan Skinner (Chicago Bears) Austin Montbriand (Chicago Bears) Chris Wunnenberg (Chicago Bears)
Zach Koziol (Chicago Bears) Rocco Zucchero (Chicago Bears) Regina Achille (Chicago Bears)
Zach Paul (Chicago Bears) Alex Dumas (S3) Brandon Owusuansah (S3)