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PSL Amusement Tax Updates

June 17, 2009

Dear Bears Season Ticket Holder:

We have some important information regarding the City of Chicago's efforts to assess amusement tax on PSL transfers.

The Bears have met with the City to express our view that the City should not be entitled to collect amusement tax on the transfer of PSLs between private parties. In addition, there is a class action lawsuit pending in Cook County challenging the amusement tax on PSLs. Although the Bears have no role in this class action lawsuit, it appears that the city will:

  1. Temporarily suspend asking PSL transferees to fill out the affidavit asking them the circumstances regarding the acquisition of their PSLs; and
  2. Not engage in any billing or collection of any amusement taxes relating to the transfer of PSLs until further notice.

The Bears regret that some of our Season Ticket Holders have been inconvenienced by these legal proceedings. While the Bears cannot provide legal advice or representation to our ticket holders, we will continue to monitor developments carefully both in terms of the class action case and the City's future enforcement actions.

Once we obtain more relevant information we will be back in touch with you.

May 21, 2009

Dear Bears Season Ticket Holder:

A letter was recently sent by the City of Chicago's Department of Revenue alleging that amusement tax is due on Permanent Seat License (PSL) transfers. It is our understanding the letter was sent to approximately 2,900 Bears PSL owners/ Season Ticket Holders who had a PSL transferred into their name between 2004 and 2008. If you are an original PSL owner, or a non-PSL Season Ticket Holder, you should NOT receive the City's letter.

During a routine city tax audit of the Bears, the City requested names on PSL transfers dating back to 2004 (which we were legally advised to provide) and informed us of their intent to assess amusement tax on these transfers. The letter was sent without our knowledge or input.

We have requested a meeting with the Chicago Department of Revenue in order to provide you with information and guidance. Your frustrations and concerns are understandable. We will communicate with you prior to the City's response deadline. We appreciate your patience.