PSL/Non-PSL Seating Chart

Non-PSL seating

  • Non-PSL season tickets do not require a license fee and are non-transferable.
  • Non-PSL seats are located in sections 119-126, 148-155, 318-326, 348-356 and 427-447.
  • Non-PSL season tickets can only be purchased by joining the Season Ticket Priority List.
  • Bears fans can have their name added to the Season Ticket Priority List (STPL) for a future opportunity to purchase non-PSL season tickets by submitting a $100 per-seat, non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to the first-year purchase price of the season tickets when available.

PSL seating

  • PSL stands for Permanent Seat License, which in exchange for a one-time fee gives the license holder permanent control of the rights to the season tickets for a specific seat, including the right to transfer or sell the PSL.
  • PSL seats are located in sections 101-117, 126-146, 218-256, 330-344, and United Club sections 202-216 and 301-317.
  • PSLs can be purchased from current owners through the Bears PSL Marketplace at bears.seasonticketrights.com.

* Non-PSL seats can be converted into PSL seats through the Bears Seat-specific PSL program. For more information, non-PSL season ticket holders can click here or contact the Bears Ticket Office at (847) 615-2327.

Contact the Chicago Bears Ticket Office at 847.615.BEAR (2327) or ticket.office@bears.nfl.net for more information.

Soldier Field seating chart
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