Seat-specific PSL FAQ

What is a PSL?

PSL stands for "Permanent Seat License." It is a one-time fee. It is called a "Permanent Seat License" because it gives you permanent control over your seats. It also gives you the right to purchase season tickets for those seats and determine who may next gain control of that right for as long as the Bears call Soldier Field home.

What is the difference between a PSL and a non-PSL?

The primary difference is that a PSL seat is transferable and a non-PSL seat is non-transferable.

What is a Seat-specific PSL?

Seat-specific PSL is the name being given to all PSLs being offered for purchase in what are now non-PSL seating areas: Sections 119-126, 149-154, 318-326, 348-356, and 427-447. The term "seat-specific" refers to the fact that original PSL purchasers had to make their buying decision based only on a two-dimensional drawing and the knowledge that they would be seated somewhere within a particular zone. A non-PSL season ticket holder has the advantage of having actually sat in the seats for as many as three seasons before deciding whether to buy PSLs for particular seats.

Am I required to purchase a Seat-specific PSL?

Absolutely not. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BUY SEAT-SPECIFIC PSLs. If you wish to continue to buy season tickets for the non-PSL seats as you have been doing, without purchasing PSLs for those seats, you are welcome to continue doing so. The Team has no intention of changing someone's seat location simply because he or she decided not to buy Seat-specific PSLs.

What are the prices for the Seat-specific PSLs?

The prices for Seat-specific PSLs are as follows.

Location PSL Full Price
Grandstand Center (Sections 434-440) $3,500 per seat
100 Level End Zone (Sections 119-126 & 149-154) $3,000 per seat
300 Level End Zone (Sections 318-326 & 348-356) $1,800 per seat
Grandstand Red Zone (Sections 430-433 & 441-444) $2,400 per seat
Grandstand Corner (Sections 427-429 & 445-447) $1,200 per seat

Once I fill out the PSL Application and complete my payment(s), what happens next?

You will be sent a PSL Agreement to be signed by you and returned to the Bears. The Agreement will then be signed by a representative of the Bears, and a photocopy of the fully-executed Agreement will be sent to you for your records.

May I pay for the Seat-specific PSLs with a credit card?

We accept Visa and MasterCard for the purchase of PSLs only. Please follow the instructions on the PSL Application.

Once I buy a Seat-specific PSL, may I transfer the PSL?

Seat-specific PSLs will be governed by the same rules regarding transferability as original PSLs. You can transfer your PSL to whomever you wish. You can transfer to your children or grandchildren, so the Bears tradition remains in the family. You can also transfer your PSL to your favorite charity or, if you choose, you can sell your PSL to whomever you like. For example, if you move from Chicago and want a friend to take control of your PSL, you can transfer the license and the right to purchase your season tickets. A PSL may not be transferred in the same year that it is purchased, however. For example, if you complete the purchase in 2010, you could transfer the PSL beginning February 1, 2011.

What is the procedure for transferring a PSL?

The Bears have a form available at our Ticket Office, or which may be downloaded from our website: www.chicagobears.com. The form must be signed by the Transferor (the owner of the PSL) and the proposed Transferee. Reliable identification (such as a photocopy of the driver's license) of both the Transferor and Transferee is also required. There is a fee for each transfer; in 2010 the fee is $100 per account (not per seat). The window of opportunity for transfers is each year from February 1 to July 1.

If I purchase a PSL for my season ticket location, can I request a relocation of my seats?

A purchase of Seat-specific PSLs presumes satisfaction with the seat location, and the PSL purchaser, in effect, owns a particular seat location for Bears home games. Once PSLs are purchased, the vehicle for seat location improvement is the secondary sales market, not through the Bears.

Can I upgrade (or downgrade) my seat location, and then buy Seat-specific PSLs for the new seats?

Since a premise of the Seat-specific PSL program is actually sitting in the seats and being satisfied with the location, thus prompting the decision to buy, we require that a Season Ticket Holder have the seats assigned to his or her account for one season before being eligible to buy Seat-specific PSLs.

If someone is on the Waiting List for season tickets, can he or she purchase a Seat-specific PSL in the first year of being a Season Ticket Holder?

Again, we require that a Season Ticket Holder have the seats assigned to his or her account for one season, to make sure that he or she is satisfied with the location, before being eligible to buy Seat-specific PSLs.

If I purchase a Seat-specific PSL for my season ticket location, what happens if I decide not to buy season tickets for any given year?

If the owner of a PSL does not purchase season tickets in a given year including tickets for all preseason, regular season, and postseason home games the PSL is subject to default and termination without refund. Termination of the PSL would result in the closure of the associated season ticket account. If you purchase Seat-specific PSLs, and decide later that you no longer wish to purchase season tickets, you should look on the secondary sales market for a purchaser of your PSLs.

Will the Bears buy back my Seat-specific PSL if I am no longer interested?

No. In such a situation, you should look on the secondary market for a purchaser of your PSLs.

I have seats in one of the No Alcohol sections (Sections 148 and 155). May I buy Seat-specific PSLs for those seats?

No. Because of the unique nature of No Alcohol seating, Seat-specific PSLs are not being offered in those sections. A Season Ticket Holder with No Alcohol seating who wants to purchase Seat-specific PSLs will be offered other seats to try out.

By purchasing a Seat-specific PSL, am I entitled to purchase tickets before the general public to other events at Soldier Field?

No. Only Club seat PSLs are part of the Right of First Refusal program, which allows the Club seat PSL owner to purchase tickets before the general public to most other events at Soldier Field.

Does buying a Seat-specific PSL guarantee me parking near Soldier Field?

No. Only Club seat PSL owners get parking preference.

If the Season Ticket Holder is deceased, is it still possible for a family member to purchase Seat-specific PSLs?

Yes. Please contact our Ticket Office at (847) 615-BEAR (2327) for details.