Season Tickets

Soldier Field has two types of seating - "PSL" and "non-PSL" seats.

PSL stands for "Permanent Seat License", which in exchange for a one-time fee, gives the license holder permanent control of the rights to season tickets for a specific seat, including the right to transfer or sell the PSL. PSLs can be bought and sold on the Bears PSL Marketplace or transferred privately using the PSL Transfer Form. The PSL Marketplace is open from February 1 - June 10 and all private transfers are accepted from February 1 - July 1.

Non-PSL season tickets do not require a license fee and are non-transferable. Non-PSL season tickets can only be purchased by joining the Season Ticket Priority List. Bears fans can have their name added to the Season Ticket Priority List (STPL) for a future opportunity to purchase non-PSL season tickets by submitting a $100 per-seat, non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to the first-year purchase price of the season tickets when available.