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9 questions to test what you know about Bears draft picks

9 questions to test what you know about Bears draft picks

How well do you know the seven players the Bears selected in the NFL Draft? Take this quiz and find out.

First-round pick Roquan Smith won an award last season at Georgia that's named after which Bears Hall of Famer?

As a high school sophomore, second-round pick James Daniels lost a playoff game to which member of the Bears' 2017 draft class?

During his conference call with reporters, what did second-round pick Anthony Miller describe as "The Memphis Grind?"

What does fourth-round pick Joel Iyiegbuniwe hope to become when his football career is over?

Fifth-round pick Bilal Nichols attended the same college as which member of the Bears organization?

Sixth round pick Kylie Fitts started his college career at which school before transferring to Utah?

During a year out of football, seventh-round pick Javon Wims worked at which clothing store in a Jacksonville, Fla., mall?

Who is the only member of the Bears' draft class who has yet to celebrate his 21st birthday?

Before Roquan Smith, who was the last player the Bears selected with the eighth pick in the draft?


There is a lot of talent in the rookie class this year, and you didn't quite make it. Keep practicing and give the quiz another shot.


You could be something special, but you can still make a lot of improvement. Take the quiz again and find out how good you can be.


You've earned your spot in this league and become a force. Keep up at this pace and you're going to be a superstar. Take the quiz again and get back to work.


You are absolutely dominating this game! Share with friends and let the world know how high you've set the bar.

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