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Bears assistant Desai issues a call to action


In the wake of George Floyd's death and the protests that have followed, Bears safeties coach Sean Desai wrote a first-person opinion piece for The Athletic.

In the article, Desai vows to be braver and more courageous in calling out inhumane behaviors, such as racism and police brutality. In urging others to listen, learn and pledge to act for justice, he introduces #myPACT4justice.

Desai is the longest tenured assistant coach on the Bears staff. He was hired by coach Marc Trestman in 2013 and was later retained by coach John Fox in 2015 and coach Matt Nagy in 2018. Desai is entering his second season as safeties coach after serving as a quality control assistant for six years.

The following is an excerpt from the story that's titled, "A call to action:"

"Act now, urge others to act and keep acting.

"We, the people, provide our own leadership and actions to rid our country of systemic injustices. The change starts with one person and one institution.

"Using #myPACT4justice, share the following pledge on social media and tell the world how you plan to hold yourself and each other accountable. Small achievements undoubtedly lead to large societal changes.

"I/We pledge to act for justice. I will take time to reflect on my own faults and am determined to listen, learn and engage in dialogue. I will overcome self-preservation and take necessary steps to eliminate systemic injustices.

"I will state specific actions I am taking to recognize, improve and remove these racial injustices and report my progress publicly within 60 days of taking this pledge. Then I will act again.

"Here is #myPACT4justice pledge:

  1. I will engage in difficult, uncomfortable conversations with various individuals in leadership roles in my workplace to help them understand my experiences with institutionalized racism.
  2. I will reach out to mayors of my hometown and my current residence and encourage them to sign President Obama's Mayors Pledge to examine their police use of force policies.
  3. I will research and donate my time and/or money to organizations that align with my views on creating access and equity for marginalized groups.

Commit to and share your personal #myPACT4justice and tell the world how you are changing, as an individual or organization, to dismantle the systems of racial injustice to ensure Black Lives Matter."