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Chalk Talk: How many Packers games at night?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

How many years in a row have the Bears played the Packers in a night game?
Robert L.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With Sunday night's game between the long-time rivals at Lambeau Field, the Bears and Packers will have played one of their two annual matchups in prime time for 16 straight seasons, a streak that began in 2006. Of those 16 matchups, 11 will have been played in Green Bay, including nine of the last 11 and eight straight from 2011-18.

It seems like every team the Bears have been playing over the last several weeks has had extra time to prepare for the game. How true is that?
Dave L.
Geneva, Illinois

It's very true, Dave. Three straight and four of five opponents will have had extra time to prepare to face the Bears. The Cardinals and Packers had byes before their games against the Bears, while the Vikings played Thursday night in advance of next Monday night's contest in Chicago. The Ravens also played a Thursday night game before visiting the Bears at Soldier Field 10 days later.

Who is the oldest living former Bears player?
Woburn, Massachusetts

I believe that the oldest living Bears player is Bill McColl, who celebrated his 91st birthday in April. McColl was an end who spent his entire eight-year NFL career with the Bears from 1952-59. He attended the University of Chicago medical school while playing for the Bears, and is believed to be the first individual to earn a medical degree while still an active NFL player. McColl eventually became an orthopedic surgeon.

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