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Chalk Talk: What's one area Bears need to improve?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

What's the one area you think the Bears need to improve moving forward?
Pete S.
Columbus, Ohio

The most important thing they need to improve is to eliminate the big plays on defense. You can blame two of their three losses on that. They lost to the Packers when Randall Cobb turned a short pass into a 75-yard touchdown. And they fell to the Dolphins when they allowed Albert Wilson to turn short passes into 43- and 75-yard TDs in the fourth quarter.

I don't understand why Joshua Bellamy is getting more reps than Kevin White. It seems like White has the potential to make more plays. Have the Bears explained this?
Steven L.
Littleton, Colorado

It seemed to me that Joshua Bellamy played more than Kevin White against the Patriots, but White actually played one more snap (20-19). In previous weeks, however, Bellamy has played more than White and coach Matt Nagy explained this week the reason for that. Said Nagy: "The easiest way to answer that is that they're a little bit different with the difference being that one plays three positions (Bellamy) and the other plays one (White), so having somebody that plays more positions, there's more flexibility there."

I feel the Bears are very close to being undefeated. When was the last time their first three losses in a season came by a combined 11 points (or less)?
Stan G.
Wilmette, Illinois

The last time that occurred was in 2008 when the Bears' first three losses were by a combined eight points. They fell to the Panthers 20-17, the Buccaneers 27-24 in overtime and the Falcons 22-20. They were also 3-3 in 2008 like they are this year. From 2009-17, the Bears' first three losses came by a combined 48, 20, 38, 45, 20, 31, 59, 38 and 49 points.

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