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Chalk Talk: When will Floyd play without club?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

When do you think that Leonard Floyd will get to take the club off his broken hand?
Peter F.
Roanoke, Virginia

Bears coach Matt Nagy revealed Thursday that Leonard Floyd likely will play Sunday in Arizona with a smaller brace on his broken hand that will enable him to use his fingers versus the club he utilized in the first two contests against the Packers and Seahawks that covered his fingers. Said Nagy of the club: "That things gone, so now some fingers are alive. He's getting a little bit closer to where he needs to be. It will help him a little bit. I'm sure his fingers can breathe now, which is nice." Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio also discussed Floyd ditching the club and commented on how the third-year outside linebacker performed in the first two games. Said Fangio: "It will help him. He's still not 100 percent. He's still got a thing in his palm that will restrict him some. But his first two games, I think in light of the circumstances he's played with, with one hand, he's done fine. To come to any conclusions about his play over the first two games would not be very prudent."

Do the Bears do any self-scouting during the season, or do they wait until the bye week or after the season is over? I'm talking about things like running the ball or passing the ball too frequently in certain situations, like on first down or in the red zone.
Alan G.
Lake Villa, Illinois

The Bears do that on a weekly basis mostly because they don't want to become too predictable. They know their opponents are studying their tendencies, so they stay one step ahead by looking at themselves very closely. Here's what coach Matt Nagy had to say about self-scouting: "We do that every week. We have somebody on staff that goes ahead and gives me the tendency of what we're doing. There are a bunch of areas we look at as a staff, I look at play-call-wise to see where we're at. You've got to be careful of that because teams will get that in a second. They'll see where you're at and they'll expose you on it. We've got to make sure we're on top of that stuff, which I feel like we've done a decent job."

When was the last time the Bears won back-to-back games?
Johnny D.
Des Plaines, Illinois

The Bears last won back-to-back games last Oct. 15-22 when they defeated the Baltimore Ravens 27-24 in overtime on the road and followed by beating the Carolina Panthers 17-3 at Soldier Field. The Bears haven't had a lot of success stacking wins of late; they were 1-7 in games immediately following victories the past two seasons. Let's hope that changes this week against the Arizona Cardinals.

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