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Wednesday Weigh-In

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Fans weigh in on Sunday's key to the game


As part of our Wednesday weigh-in feature, we asked Bears fans to let us know what they think will be the most important key to the Bears defeating the Cardinals. Here are some of the responses we received:

"Being able to run the ball and not having to add so much more pressure on Mitchell. Also I think the bears need to play Javon Wims, they are sleeping on him...."
Chicago/ Kilgore, TX

"Elite defense, consistent offense nothing else to say."

"Secondary has to step up and stop Larry Fitzgerald and continue to pressure the qb."

"Establish and expand the running game against this inferior opponent. The running game is the key for offensive success this weekend and later. Trubisky will need the balance to succeed."
Springfield, IL

"Keep the defensive pressure on QB Sam Bradford and keep the running lanes closed when he decides to run."

"I believe not underestimating a team with not much left to lose, on their home field, is the obstacle most evident to overcome. Especially on defense. These guys have been playing so well, they can't start believing they are as good as the media is making them out to be or they'll fall flat on their face!"
Hidden Meadows, CA

"Not having a letdown after a win, and some improvement on yards after a catch to keep a drive alive."

"The fact that my dad (who's been a Bears season ticket holder since 1994) will be attending his first road game here in Arizona with me. Along with my son, we will have three generations making noise in support of our Bears!"
Flagstaff, AZ

"Keeping the volume up on defense. Allowing Trubisky to grow into his role on offense."
Mexico City

"Besides the defense continuing to dominate and pressure the QB, The O-line needs to create some seams for our running game."
Lake Havasu City, AZ

"There is not a single most important key, but they need to continue to play well and finish strong. We can not afford to lapse in the second half."
Alfanso Jerry
St. John's, Antigua, West Indies

"A disciplined defense. The Cardinals are really struggling with scoring points, so the Bears offense shouldn't need many points to win unless the defense gives up big plays. "
T Dog
Bronx, NY

"Defense continuing what they do. Don't fix it if it ain't broken"
Portage, wi

"The Bears walk away with an easy win if Trubisky can quiet his feet, maintain pocket awareness, and improves his vision across the field. The Cardinals don't have a prayer against this Chicago defense. Sunday can't come soon enough!"
River Forest, IL

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