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Nagy shows he still possesses passing skills

Former Arena Football League quarterback Matt Nagy—better known these days as head coach of the Chicago Bears—showed off his passing skills in Monday's practice.

Nagy and quarterbacks coach Dave Ragone both threw footballs during one-on-one drills pitting receivers against defensive backs.

"We've got to show the guys out there we can have a little fun, right, and compete," said Nagy, who turned 40 years old in April. "And I've got to always just challenge myself too because before you know it, it's going to be gone."

Nagy played six seasons in the AFL for the New York Dragons (2002), Carolina Cobras (2004), Georgia Force (2005-06) and Columbus Destroyers (2007-08), passing for 18,866 yards and 374 touchdowns.

Asked how his Arena League scouting report likely described him, Nagy said: "Slow, not very strong, decent arm and hopefully they say gritty and tough. I kind of like that."

Nagy threw the ball Monday with velocity, accuracy and touch. But one pass that he no doubt would like to have back was intercepted by cornerback Kyle Fuller.

"I can't believe he got me," Nagy said with a grin. "That's ridiculous that I let that happen. That's unacceptable. The thing with Fuller is he doesn't have to say much. He just kind of gives you that look. It's actually worse by him not saying anything.

"I'm going to go back and watch it. I'm going to evaluate myself and see where I was and if there were any drops in there those guys are going to hear it. I'm going to get on them."

Nagy hopes that Bears players enjoyed watching their head coach jump into a drill.

"That's what it's all about inevitably," Nagy said, "us being together, being close, for the players to feel like, 'Hey, there's no separation between players and coaches. We're all one.' I think it just kind of brings you together.

"It just kind of happened for us and I hope they enjoyed it, hope they had fun with it. The wideouts were coming up to me and telling me what routes they wanted instead of listening from the quarterbacks. They were excited. I could tell. It was cool."

One player who liked seeing Nagy spin a few footballs was quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

"It's awesome," Trubisky said. "He got warmed up this morning, he had to get that arm ready to go. We're out here having fun every day. This is the best game in the world and luckily we get to come out here and practice every day. For him to hop in, it shows that we're just out here having fun. You love to have a coach throw a couple dimes on the defense. It was fun to have in him one-on-ones."

The Bears return to training camp during a gloomy Monday in Bourbonnais for practice.