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Oy vey! Cohen learns about Jewish culture


Tarik Cohen is not Jewish, but his last name leads many to believe that he is.

"Cohen … that's on the Mount Rushmore of Jewish names," said Adam Lefkoe, a Bleacher Report video host who is proud of his Jewish heritage.

When Lefkoe discovered that the Bears running back really isn't Jewish, he invited him to Sarge's Deli in New York City to learn about Jewish culture.

Cohen accepted the invitation and traveled to the Big Apple last week during the Bears' bye week. The result is a very funny five-minute video in which Cohen is introduced to Jewish food and slang words by Lefkoe and former NFL quarterback Chris Simms.

"When I first got drafted, a lot of people asked me if I was Jewish," Cohen told Thursday. "It was a cool way to get introduced to their culture."

Cohen did not enjoy his first taste of lox and bagels, but really liked matzo ball soup. He was taught what the words "chutzpah" and "oy vey" mean, and was presented with a Chicago Bears yarmulke, which he described as a "Jewish fitted hat."

The video ends with a group of men lifting Cohen up and down on a chair, a popular celebration at Jewish weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Cohen does not know the origin of his last name, has no Jewish relatives that he knows of and has never attended a Bar Mitzvah—though that may change soon.

"I've heard they're lit, so I'd like to show up at one," Cohen said. "I've just got to get my Chicago Bears Jewish fitted cap and I'll be ready to go."