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Pace scouts Brady, Patriots before Sunday's showdown


Bears general manager Ryan Pace spoke to play-by-play announcer Jeff Joniak on WBBM Newsradio 780 AM and 105.9 FM prior to Sunday's game against the Patriots. The following is a transcript of that interview.

On team responding to loss against Dolphins:
"It was a tough loss and I think it's tough because we had so many opportunities to win that game, but proud of the way our guys responded. I think it speaks to a lot of character of our locker room. With [quarterback Mitchell Trubisky], you know I think our entire offense responded in the second half, specifically I think we're just seeing that growth process in the quarterback we always talk about."

On Patriots coach Bill Belichick historically being tough versus young quarterbacks:
"He has, and it speaks to his coaching, just from an organizational standpoint, these guys are clearly at the top. You talk about the head coach, an elite-level quarterback that have been together for a long time, and I would continue that onto their front office. They have a ton of respect for Coach Belichick and a lot of respect for [Patriots director of player personnel] Nick Caserio as well."

On coaches preparing Trubisky each week:
"I think, you know, first with our coaching staff, and really handling our entire roster. You know, we love our coaching staff and the job they do, but specifically with Mitch, one of the things that I think we value, you know is, we surround him with good coaching, but specifically coaches that have played the position too. And I think that helps, I think it helps especially with that position you kind of can see it through the eyes of the player."

On Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:
"First I think it's just their ability to consistently win. They've done a lot of that with different players, different staff, but I think the core of that starts with the quarterback, and the head coach and them holding that together. Another thing I admire about the organization is just how aggressive they are. You see them, player acquisitions and the trades they make. I think they're always looking to make their team better, and they really don't care about the outside perception."

On Patriots front office:
"You just respect the way they operate. It's all about winning games. Don't care about the outside perception. Let's be aggressive at the appropriate times, and they've done that for a long time."

On what win versus Patriots would mean to Bears franchise:
"Obviously a team we respect tremendously, but more importantly, all these games are important, and winning at home is important, and that's our goal."

On Patriots running back Sony Michel:
"Rookie first-round pick, you know, he missed some time in the preseason, but he's really come on now, and you look at that Georgia team last year and all the talent that came out of it. He was a key part of that talent. He's just a well-rounded bag that can beat you in a lot of ways. I think when we look at New England, obviously and rightfully so, we talk about Brady, but their dangerous too because they can get the running game going, and [Michel is] a big part of that."