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Postgame Pulse: Bears at Seahawks

postgamepulse_main_092715.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's loss against the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.

Jarvis Jenkins, DL
On what changed in the second half
"We gave up the kick return and they started running the ball. The main thing is that you've got to play 60 minutes if you want a chance in this league, and that's a playoff contender. That's one of the best [teams] we're going to see, so we've got to play to our ability."

On the progress of the defensive line's improvement
"There's ways to improve. I think we did pretty well against the run in the first half, and in the second half they started to get the run going a little bit - the thing is, we've got to play stout all four quarters if this defense is going to be good. We've got a lot of work to do as a defensive line - we're not satisfied. The only thing right now is that we shouldn't be hanging our heads and we've got to go back to work Monday."

On playing with injured DT Will Sutton
"We've got to keep playing it out... Guys have got to play more positions, guys have got to play more snaps - that's what offseason conditioning is about, that's what weightlifting is about. When you're short a man, another guy has got to step up."

On the defensive line's confidence that comes with the first sack of the season
"Most definitely. Like I said, we were always this close to getting sacks. The thing about it was finishing. We knew (Russell Wilson) likes to scramble a lot, we just stayed in our rushing lanes, kept our eyes on the quarterback and got it done today, but there's still a lot of improvement to do."

On improving as a defensive unit
"We're a defense and we know we can get production for us [such as getting] to the quarterback and playing around - we just had to prove that we had a chip on our shoulder. Like I said, that first half we came out and played excellent ball. I think they had maybe 60 or 70 yards that whole first half. We've just got to finish the second half like we did the first half, and that's just what we didn't do. We've got to go back to the drawing board and learn how to finish in order to have a chance."

Kyle Long, T
On the offense's objective heading into the game
"We wanted to establish a ground game like we do in every game to take the pressure off the quarterback, especially when you've got a raucous crowd and pass rush like they do. [They are] explosive on the edges and obviously explosive on the inside as well. We've got to run the ball - we have to convert first downs to put drives together. When you're playing a team like that, you need a ground game - that's what we were trying to do."

On why the offense struggled to get first downs
"I don't know, we will have to take a look at the film. Obviously nothing is going to be perfect, but I felt like we were doing a good job on the ground. [We were trying] to make the crowd a non-factor. Obviously I had a false start early on third down - third and manageable - and I had the false start, and that pushes us back and puts us in a hole, which can't happen. We'll get that cleaned up."

On playing the Seahawks on the road
"Any team coming in here is behind the 8-ball. I don't care who you are. If you shoot yourself in the foot - like I said, I had the false start early - that puts us in a bad position, that puts my teammates in a bad position, and our chances of success goes down exponentially."

On improving as an offensive unit
"It's tough. They're a good defense... [We need] to continue to block our assignments and give the quarterback enough time to throw. Like I said, with a raucous crowd and great pass rush, you want to be able to establish the ground game, and that will take the pressure off your passer and give guys downfield time to get open. We've got to do a better job at that."

On the performance of QB Jimmy Clausen
"He was great; he did really great. He was doing a lot of stuff with different snap counts and obviously with that defense you have threats everywhere - it's not just one guy. We didn't gameplan for just one guy; you've got to plan for all of those guys. Jimmy did a great job of coming in and leading the offense. We need to put him in a better position to have success."

Robbie Gould, K
On Seattle's kick return for a touchdown to begin the second half
"Any time you give up a kickoff for a touchdown it's going to change momentum. In a tough place like Seattle, on the road, it's going to change that momentum. The defense played great - they kept us in the game for a long time, and then we gave up that play which obviously changed the momentum of the second half. We've just got to do a better job."

On what went wrong on the kick return
"We'll have to go back onto the film and look at it. It's tough to tell when you're on the field as to what is going on... but the big a part of it for us is to go back to work and spend a little more time emphasizing kickoff coverage like we did last week. [We need to] pay attention to the little details and the big part for us is that we can't let it happen."

On whether or not youth played a factor in allowing a return touchdown in consecutive weeks
"Everybody has guys. They have guys, we have guys - they just did a good job of blocking on a kick that we've seen in practice many times on film. We've gone over it, we just didn't do our job to start the second half."

Shea McClellin, LB
On the team's performance
"I felt we played a good first half and we had some momentum going there - we've just got to finish."

On the special teams unit allowing the touchdown to begin the second half
"I think it's tough, but we can't let that affect us. We've just to keep going and we've got to keep rolling with it. We can't let it affect us mentally."

On the performance of the defensive line
"It definitely helps out when the front guys can get sacks and get pressure like that. They definitely did a great job up front."

Matt Slauson, G
On today's game
"We just didn't get it done. Disappointing loss for us. We didn't finish drives the way we should have. We would run the ball well and get it near the 50 [yard line] or across and then everything would kind of fall apart. It's tough communicating in there, but we just have to do a better job."

On quarterback Jimmy Clausen's performance
"I thought he did well. He hung in there with us. It's a tough, tough position to be in to get put in that role in a place like this. I thought he held it together really well. Now, we just have to do a better job as a group moving the ball."

On if their record is indicative of this team's talent
"No, but they say you are what you're record shows. But there isn't any quit in this team we are going to keep on working and fighting and we're going to get it turned around."

On trying to control time of possession in the first half
"We wanted to establish physicality and get Matt [Forte] really rolling for us. We did well with it at times, but like I said every time we would get close to the 50 or across we would stall. It was disappointing because we really wanted to get Matt loose and we felt like we had that ability against this team."

Eddie Royal, WR
On how frustrating it is to be unable to make more plays
"It's just frustrating losing. We want to do whatever it takes to win. That's the mentality that we all have. If it takes for us to win to run the ball 50 times a game, we are OK with that. We are all about the team every guy in this group. That's why I love playing with these guys it's all about winning. Of course you want to make plays, everybody wants to make plays. But it's what's best for the team also."

On finishing drives
"It comes down to better execution. We had a great game plan. We had situation that we wanted to be in and we just didn't make the plays. It happens like that. You got to give them a lot of credit. That is great defense that we played against. But we had some plays out there that we could've made but didn't. So we got to go back and look at the tape and try to get better."

Alan Ball, CB
On if the performance of the front seven helped out the secondary
"Most definitely. I think the front played really well. I think they got pressure. Russell [Wilson] was back there moving around a lot. He didn't have a good chance to set his feet most of the time. Think that it helped out."

On if there were some positives from today's game defensively
"I think for the first three weeks there's been things we've corrected. There's been things we've improved on. There's going to be things we've got to fix even this week. So no matter what there's always got to be some things we need to fix that we correct and make a little bit better. I think today we made some things better and also looking at the film some things we need to correct"

On their third-down defense today
"I haven't seen [the stats]. Off the top of my head I can't tell you the percentage but I think we played better on third down. As a sense throughout that game I thought we played a little bit better on third down."

On defending the fade pattern
"This week we did a good job with coach just getting into the film and knowing just what they were going to do anytime they split [Jimmy] Graham out with anybody pretty much that he's bigger than you know they're going to take a shot. It's something we worked on, something we kind of knew was coming. They put us in the right defense to play it."

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