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Trubisky enjoying game-planning process

The Bears began game-planning this week for their season opener Sept. 9 in Green Bay, and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is thoroughly enjoying the process.

"We're starting to get really specific just looking at the Packers and get ready for Week 1," Trubisky said Tuesday. "You start to see a lot more detail and a lot more game-specific planning based on what they're doing and what we can do as an offense."

Picking and choosing a group of select plays from the voluminous playbook to run against the Packers figures to help Trubisky and his teammates.

"It allows us to play faster as an offense and it allows me to operate faster as a quarterback," Trubisky said. "The more specific we get, it'll be better for this offense."

Trubisky has enjoyed game-planning alongside first-year coach Matt Nagy.

"He studies more than anyone else from what I can tell already," Trubisky said. "He's very detailed and we're going to just do what the Packers give us and try to get the ball to our playmakers. We're going to have a bunch of stuff dialed up ready to go.

"It's been an exciting process. I just appreciate how detailed he is and how there's really no stone left unturned with him just going through details and then preparing for what we've got coming up next."

Trubisky feels that he and Nagy share virtually the same offensive philosophy.

"We're both similar in that we want to stretch the ball down the field, get the ball to our playmakers, just let this offense be efficient," Trubisky said. "We haven't had any clashing. It's way more collaborative and cooperative."

Nagy is selecting plays not only that he feels are the best to run against the Packers but those that Trubisky is comfortable with.

"We are not going to put in plays where it's something that he's uncomfortable," Nagy said. "If I love a play and he hates it, it won't be in."

Nagy is confident with the grasp that Trubisky has on the new offense.

"I feel very good about where he's at with this system right now," Nagy said. "He's comfortable, and that's what matters most. The other part of it was with the timing with these new guys that are here and I think he's really starting to grow with that each and every day. For him, that's really what I think is most important."

While pleased with Trubisky's understanding of the playbook, Nagy knows the quarterback will only improve as he gains experience operating the offense.

"He's great," Nagy said. "He's [where] I thought he'd be at this point in time. He's not where he's going to be at the end of this thing. It's going to take some time to where he's just completely rolling. He's not there yet, but he's where he needs to be at this point in time from where we were in OTAs and training camp."