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How often have Bears traded top pick?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

With nine picks, I think general manager Ryan Pace will be tempted to make some deals in the draft. How often have the Bears traded their first-round selection?

Davis B.
New Haven, Connecticut

Since 1990, the Bears have traded down in the first round three times and traded up once. They moved down (1) In 1999, they dealt the No. 7 choice to the Redskins for the No. 12 pick (they used to draft QB Cade McNown) and four additional selections in Rounds 3 (WR D'Wayne Bates), 4 (LB Warrick Holdman) and 5 (OT Jerry Wisne) in 1999 and Round 3 in 2000 (TE Dustin Lyman); (2) In 2003, they traded down twice in the first round, sending the No. 4 choice to the Jets for Nos. 13 and 22 (QB Rex Grossman) and a fourth-rounder (DT Ian Scott). They followed by dealing the No. 13 pick to the Patriots for No. 14 (DE Michael Haynes) and a sixth-rounder they later traded; (3) In 2006, they sent the 26th selection to the Bills for choices in Rounds 2 (S Danieal Manning) and 3 (DT Dusty Dvoracek). The last time the Bears traded up in the first round was 1996 when they sent the No. 18 selection and choices in Rounds 3 and 6 to move up to No. 13 to take CB Walt Harris.

How many current Bears players were selected in the first round of the draft?

Steve C.
Wheeling, Illinois

There are five players on the Bears roster who entered the NFL as first-round draft picks, including the Bears' selections the past three years: Offensive lineman Kyle Long (2013), cornerback Kyle Fuller (2014) and receiver Kevin White (2015). Two others were chosen by other teams: Quarterback Jay Cutler (2006 by the Broncos) and safety Antrel Rolle (2005 by the Cardinals).

When did the NFL go to a seven-round draft, and what were draft rounds in other years and how many total players were picked in those earlier drafts?

Brad V.
Salisbury, North Carolina

It fluctuated slightly from year-to-year, but the NFL Draft consisted of about 30 rounds during the 1940s and '50s before being reduced to 20 rounds in 1960, 17 in 1967, 12 in 1977, eight in 1993 and seven in 1994. There are 256 picks in this year's draft. When there were only 10 teams in the NFL in the 1940s, there were generally around 330 players chosen in the draft. That number increased in the 1950s when the league added two teams.

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