The Chicago Bears would like to recognized gameday staff members who go "above and beyond" their regular duties and responsibilities. These individuals show consistent commitment to their job, co-workers and our fans. To earn the award, the staff member has to be nominated by a supervisor, co-worker or fan. Have a gameday staff member that you would like to nominate? Nominate them below.

Gameday Staff Recognition Form

Nominations - Seattle Seahawks - 09.17.18

MJ Liloc (Fan Services)

Yvette Evans (S3)

Evan Frost (Fan Services)

Kyley Vicik (Fan Services)

Law Jones (Fan Services)

Laura Heck (Fan Services)

Victoria Randle (Fan Services)

Kyle Easterline (Fan Services)

Brittany Luchne (Fan Services)

Kyle O'Shaunessey (Monterrey)

Orion Gomez (Monterrey)

Marty Flood (Stadium Services)

John Finnegan (Stadium Services)

Delores Swain (S3)

Brandon Teng (Fan Services)

Destiny Fleming (S3)

Cierra Stewart (S3)

Amber Salis (S3)

Justin Gurtner (S3)

Anthony Neal Jr. (S3)

Luis Guillen (S3)

Denesia Bell (S3)

Melissa Krankos (S3)

Denisa Bell (S3)

Kenzie Mocogni (Chicago Bears)

Lisa McCarter (ARAMark)

Kelly Lewis (ARAMark)

Darius Powell (S3)

Michael Serio (Fan Services)

Nominations - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 09.30.18

Jessica Henaur (Aramark)

Jeffrey Harris (Monterrey)

Frank Ojeda (Chicago Bears)

Scott Lichtfuss (S3)