The Chicago Bears would like to recognized gameday staff members who go "above and beyond" their regular duties and responsibilities. These individuals show consistent commitment to their job, co-workers and our fans. To earn the award, the staff member has to be nominated by a supervisor, co-worker or fan. Have a gameday staff member that you would like to nominate? Nominate them below.

Gameday Staff Recognition Form

Nominations - Carolina Panthers - 08.08.19

Kara McGrath (Chicago Bears)

Benita Wilford (Chicago Bears)

Gabby Gomez (Chicago Bears)

Jason Wosik (Chicago Bears)

Hayley Jautakis (Chicago Bears)

Nominations - Tennessee Titans - 08.29.19

Laura Heck (Chicago Bears)

Bill Urban (Chicago Bears)

Rassan Liddell (Chicago Bears)

Kyle Easterline (Chicago Bears)

Preshious Lawrence (Monterrey)

Jacque Brennan (Chicago Bears)

Zach Shoop (Chicago Bears)

Larry George (Chicago Bears)

Brian Loftus (Chicago Bears)

Brian Loftus (Chicago Bears)

Joey Scola (Chicago Bears)

Kristin Dietrich (Chicago Bears)

Van Ikener (S3)

Jake LaSota (S3)

Matt Burke (S3)

Nominations - Green Bay Packers - 09.05.19

Bryan Doranski (Chicago Bears)

Larry Ross (Chicago Bears)

Brian Loftus (Chicago Bears)

Dylan Brady (Chicago Bears)

Victoria Randle (Chicago Bears)

Laura Heck (Chicago Bears)

Jon Holbach (Chicago Bears)

Donna Howard (S3)

Dan Luna (Chicago Bears)

Nick Clemmons (S3)

Noah Kararo (S3)

Jake LaSota (S3)

Dylan Hayward (S3)

Alex Dolan (S3)

Miguel Lopez (S3)

Josh Tesch (S3)

Evan Kelsey (S3)

Tyler Dome (S3)

John Peterson (S3)

Paul Underwood (Chicago Bears)

Nominations - Minnesota Vikings - 09.29.19

Larry George (Chicago Bears)

Michelle Simmons (Chicago Bears)

Erika Carlson (Chicago Bears)

Corbin Bate (Chicago Bears)

Nicole Alexander (Chicago Bears)

Law Jones (Chicago Bears)

Clarence Green (East Lake)

Lydia Williams (East Lake)

Ronald Fitch (East Lake)

Flora Saens (East Lake)

Yurliana Roman (East Lake)

Pedro Gutierrez (East Lake)

Kemiya Vasser (S3)

Mike Barker (S3)

Sarah Burgoyne (Chicago Bears)

Nominations - New Orleans Saints - 10.20.19

Nominations - Los Angeles Chargers - 10.27.19

Nominations - Detroit Lions - 11.10.19

Nominations - New York Giants - 11.24.19

Nominations - Dallas Cowboys - 12.05.19

Nominations - Kansas City Chiefs - 12.22.19