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Bears awarded fourth-round comp draft pick


As expected, the Bears have received one compensatory pick in the April 23-25 NFL Draft. The selection is the 34th in the fourth round and 140th overall.

The NFL awarded 32 compensatory picks to 15 teams in Rounds 3-7 based on a net loss of free agents last year. Under the system, clubs that suffer a net loss of compensatory free agents during the prior free-agent signing period are eligible to receive a corresponding number of compensatory selections in the following year's draft, up to a maximum of four.

The level of compensation that teams receive for free agents lost is based on a weighted combination of the player's yearly compensation, postseason honors and playing time.

The Bears now have eight picks in this year's draft: Their first two selections will be No. 43 and No. 50 overall in the second round. The No. 43 choice is one they received from the Raiders in the Khalil Mack trade.

The Bears also have their own picks in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds as well as a sixth-rounder from the Eagles they received in exchange for running back Jordan Howard and a seventh-rounder from the Raiders in the Mack deal.

The Bears included their first- and third-round picks in the Mack deal and traded their fourth-round choice to the Patriots last year to move up to select running back David Montgomery in the third round.

The last time the Bears received a compensatory draft pick was in 2009 when they were awarded selections in the third and seventh rounds that they spent on receiver Juaquin Iglesias and guard Lance Louis, respectively.

This year the Patriots received the most compensatory picks with the maximum of four. Teams that were awarded three compensatory selections were the Broncos, Eagles, Giants, Seahawks, Texans and Vikings. The Dolphins and Ravens were given two apiece, while the Buccaneers, Cowboys, Rams, Redskins and Steelers joined the Bears in getting one.

Compensatory picks were created in 1994, the same year the salary cap was instituted. The formula was devised by the NFL Management Council. The idea was to help teams that weren't as active in free agency as others.

The Bears have received a total of 18 compensatory picks, which is tied for 26th in the NFL with the Panthers and Texans. The Ravens have had the most with 52, followed by the Cowboys (43), Patriots (43) and Packers (42.)

Compensatory picks originally couldn't be traded, but that rule changed in 2017.