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Bears introduce new games, in-stadium features in mobile app


The Bears are introducing new features in the Chicago Bears Official App brought to you by Verizon to enhance the gameday experience for fans this season.

For fans attending home games at Soldier Field, the relaunched "My Bears Hub" will include a cashless payment system with discounts at concession stands of 10 percent for season ticket holders and 20 percent for club season ticket holders.

In addition, there will be two interactive games fans can play on their devices that are also featured on the videoboards. Fans can predict who will win the Dunkin’ Race, which is held in the second quarter, and can win a coupon if they're correct. Fans can play the Dunkin' Race on the Bears App not only for home games but also for all nine road contests this season.

The Buona Beef Player Reveal, which is held in the fourth quarter and features a blurred image that becomes clearer as clues are given, can be played on the Bears App at all eight home games. Those who identify the player before time expires will win a coupon.

Two other games can be played by fans anywhere during all 17 Bears contests this season. In Risk It brought to you by BetRivers, fans are given a bankroll of 500 points and may wager them on a series of predictions, such as 'How will the Bears score their first points?' Different multipliers are included based on the likelihood of the outcome. The fan with the highest score wins a customized Bears jersey plus $250 in free bets at

In Chicago Bears Football Bingo brought to you by PNC, fans can choose to receive a random card of events that will occur in the game or select up to five items of their own. The first 20 fans with a regular bingo will win a $20 vouchers to the online Bears Pro Shop. Ten fans with the No. 1 pattern on their card will earn a $50 voucher. And the first fan with a "C" pattern on their bingo card will receive a Bears autographed item.

To play the games, download and open the Bears App, tap on "more" in the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen and select "Bears Game Room."