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Chalk talk: Will Trubisky become top-10 QB?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

Do you think Mitchell Trubisky will become a top-10 quarterback in the NFL?
Joseph G.
Downers Grove, Illinois

I feel that Mitchell Trubisky has a good chance to eventually become a top-10 quarterback in the NFL. He possesses a strong arm, excellent leadership skills and a desire to be great. But I feel his greatest asset is his ability to keep plays alive with his feet and throw accurately on the run. That's something he displayed at North Carolina as well as last season as an NFL rookie, and it's a skill that I feel is necessary with so many talented pass rushers in the league. Traditional drop-back passers who are sitting ducks in the pocket are becoming scarce. I also feel that Trubisky has the perfect demeanor to play the quarterback position. I was chatting with one of his veteran teammates this offseason and he told me that he doesn't want to make any mistakes because he feels he'd be letting Trubisky down. That's a big statement about a young quarterback.

I read that Jordan Howard has rushed for the most yards in his first two seasons with the Bears. How many did Walter Payton have and is he second on the list?
Dave S.
Clayton, Missouri

Walter Payton rushed for 2,069 yards in his first two seasons with the Bears in 1975-76. That ranks fourth in team history behind Jordan Howard (2,435), Matt Forte (2,167) and Gale Sayers (2,098). Payton ran for 679 yards as a rookie in 1975 and 1,390 in 1976 before exploding in 1977, when he led the NFL with a career-high 1,852. By the way, that season was the last that the NFL played a 14-game schedule before expanding to 16 games in 1978.

I was at a game against the Packers about five years ago and I remember a Bears offensive lineman fell on a fumble in the end zone to score a touchdown. What was his name?
Peter L.
Hammond, Indiana

Offensive lineman Edwin Williams recovered the ball in the end zone for a touchdown in a 35-21 loss to the Packers in Green Bay on Christmas Day in 2011. He remains the last Bears offensive lineman to score a touchdown.

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