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Are Bears going to sign Plaxico Burress?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

With Alshon Jeffery hurt, do you think the Bears will sign Plaxico Burress or another veteran receiver who's available to help fill the void?

Robert G.
Barrington, Illinois

Based on Phil Emery's comments to the media this week, I don't see that happening. Asked about the possibility of signing Plaxico Burress or another veteran off the street, the Bears general manager said: "We feel very good about our wide receiver depth. We added a player to our practice squad (Kamar Aiken) to make sure that we were in a good, competitive situation for practice to continue to improve, and that is where we are at right now." Emery also explained that the Bears are constantly monitoring free agents, saying: "Every day we look at the availability of veteran players that are out there and whether they can add to our mix in a positive way so that we can win championships and continue to work toward winning championships. So if there is a player out there that we feel is going to make our mix better, would we approach him? Yes. But it just depends on the player, depends on the situation and depends on what our needs are."

What is the Bears record as well as the NFL record for defensive touchdowns in a season?

Alex G.
Denver, Colorado

The Bears record for defensive touchdowns in a season was set by the 1942 team with eight. The NFL mark is 10 by the 1998 Seattle Seahawks. In terms of individual records, Ken Houston of the Houston Oilers scored five defensive TDs in 1971. The Bears mark is two, and it's shared by multiple players including Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman this season.

I heard about the Bears fan who got killed in Jacksonville. Is there a fund or some way I can help his family? What a horrible story.

Ross A.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Bears tight end Kellen Davis is spearheading a fund to help Chris Pettry's wife and three children after the Bears fan was killed in a Jacksonville bar the night before last weekend's game. Click here for more information.

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