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Chalk Talk: How many '21 picks do Bears have?

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I can't keep track of all the draft picks the Bears have lost and gained through trades in the last few years. Could you break down 2021 and 2022?
Matt D.
St. John's, Florida

The Bears have five of their seven picks in the 2021 draft. Last year they traded their seventh-rounder to the Raiders in exchange for kicker Eddy Pineiro. (They would only surrender the pick if Pineiro appeared in at least five games last season, which he did.) In this year's draft, the Bears dealt their fourth-round to the Vikings for a fifth-round choice they spent on Tulsa outside linebacker Trevis Gipson. So, in 2021 they have their own picks in Rounds 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. They have not made any trades involving selections in drafts beyond 2021.

With the Bears signing Ladarius Mack, Khalil's brother, my question is: How many brothers have played together with the Bears throughout their long history?
J. Gauthier
Montreal, Canada

It's a short list. I believe that only three pairs of brothers have appeared together in regular-season games with the Bears, and all three instances occurred early in the franchise's existence. Dutch and Joey Sternaman played together with the Bears for four seasons in the 1920s. Hall of Famer Red Grange teamed with his younger brother, Garland, for three seasons from 1929-31. And Bill and Joe Osmanski were Bears teammates in 1946-47, helping the team win the NFL title in 1946. More recently, Ron and Bam Morris played for the Bears, but at different times. Ron was a receiver from 1987-92, while Bam was a running back who appeared in two games in 1998. The Bears have also had the brothers of Mike Pyle (Palmer), Gale Sayers (Ron) and Brian Urlacher (Casey) in camp with them, but they didn't appear in any regular-season contests. Palmer Pyle played six NFL seasons with the Colts (1960-63), Vikings (1964) and Raiders (1966). And Ron Sayers appeared in eight games with the AFL's Chargers in 1969.

First, much thanks to you and your digital media team for always putting out great content. You've answered many of my questions on "Lunch with Larry" over the years, and I especially enjoy the scout breakdowns after the draft, so keep them coming. My question is: It seems like Ryan Pace has traded up more than he's traded down; what's his tally on trade ups versus downs?
Seattle, Washington

Ryan Pace has made 11 trades during the draft in his six seasons as Bears general manager, all in the last five years. My tally shows that he has moved up seven times and down three times. I know that adds up to 10, but I don't know how to characterize the deal he made this year when he traded a 2021 fourth-round pick to the Vikings in exchange for a 2020 fifth-round choice he used to select Tulsa outside linebacker Trevis Gipson—because that's trading into a round, not really moving up or down. Anyway, Pace has traded up to pick outside linebacker Leonard Floyd in the first round and linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski in the fourth round in 2016; quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in the first round and safety Eddie Jackson in the fourth round in 2017; receiver Anthony Miller in the second round in 2018; running back David Montgomery in the third round in 2019; and Tulane receiver Darnell Mooney in the fifth round in 2020. Pace traded down twice before selecting center Cody Whitehair in the second round in 2016 and also moved down before choosing tight end Adam Shaheen in the second round in 2017.

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