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How big of a role will Burton play?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

Of all the free agents the Bears have signed, I'm most excited about tight end Trey Burton. How big of a role do you think he will play this upcoming season?

Ryan T.
Naperville, Illinois

It's hard to say for sure before the offseason program has even started, but all indications at this point are that Trey Burton will play a big role in the Bears offense moving forward. General manager Ryan Pace told reporters March 15 about a discussion he had with Matt Nagy about the importance of the tight end in the first-year coach's offense and the fact that Burton was an ideal fit for the position. Here's what Pace said: "One of the first conversations Matt and I had once everything calmed down and we were talking football was the value of the 'U' tight end position in this offense. He painted that picture very clear, which is great for a scout to hear because it makes it easier to go find that person. And Trey, he just fits a lot of the qualities we're looking for in this offense: as a receiver his ability to separate, he's got good hands, he's an intelligent player and we feel like there's a lot of upside ahead of him and we feel like this offense can maximize that upside."

How much of an impact do you think young quarterback Mitchell Trubisky had on the Bears' ability to land so many free agents on the offensive side of the ball?

Evan B.
Monmouth, Illinois

Receivers Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel, tight end Trey Burton and backup quarterback Chase Daniel all had great things to say about Mitchell Trubisky at their introductory press conferences and revealed that his presence did play a role in their decision to sign with the Bears. Said general manager Ryan Pace: "I think there's excitement around the league with Mitch, not just for the talent that he is but the person that he is. Let's be honest, players pay attention to who the quarterback is and who they're going to potentially pair with. There's a lot of excitement around the quarterback and that definitely helps."

I'm very happy the Bears landed a potential No. 1 receiver in free agency in Allen Robinson. But I'm concerned that he's coming off a torn ACL he suffered in last year's season opener. How worried are the Bears about Robinson rebounding from his injury?

Steve G.
Saginaw, Michigan

The Bears are confident in Allen Robinson recovering from his torn ACL. General manager Ryan Pace recently told reporters that "just getting him here and going through the physicals with our doctors, [we have] a lot of confidence in that." Pace also said that the fact that Robinson is only 24 years old and is already pretty far along in his rehab is further evidence that the receiver will be ready to contribute and live up to expectations with the Bears.

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