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How did Nelson get so wide open?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

The Bears defense seemed very confused on the play that left Packers receiver Jordy Nelson wide open for a long touchdown pass Sunday night. What happened?

Tony F.
Romeoville, Illinois

Cornerback Tim Jennings was clearly expecting help over the top that wasn't there due to a communication mix-up that linebacker Lance Briggs took responsibility for. Appearing on his weekly TV show Tuesday night, Briggs said: "This play is my fault. I put [safety] Chris Conte into a really bad situation. That man coverage, we had a man pressure and I tried to check out of it with Chris Conte on the line. Even if Chris did see the check, it's very difficult for him to go all the way out. There wasn't a check in that defense, so I shouldn't have done it. That's the first thing I said to [defensive coordinator] Mel [Tucker] when I went off—that's my fault. And I told Chris that was my fault too."

Now that the season is basically over in terms of the Bears making the playoffs, do you think they will start to play Kyle Long at tackle just to see how he fares at the position?

Aaron L.
Whiting, Indiana

I think the Bears will do everything they can to try to beat the Vikings and get out of the funk that they're in. So I'd be surprised if they started experimenting by moving a Pro Bowl guard to tackle. I think there's a better chance of Kyle Long getting some reps at tackle during offseason workouts and maybe even in preseason games. But I don't see that happening in the near future.

Does the release of Santonio Holmes mean that Marquess Wilson is ready to play?

Phil T.
West Chicago, Illinois

It certainly seems that waiving Santonio Holmes indicates that Marquess Wilson is ready to be placed back on the 53-man roster. I'm sure the Bears will see how Wilson performs this week in practice before deciding whether to activate him Sunday against the Vikings, however. Remember, they still have Josh Morgan to fill the No. 3 receiver role if Wilson needs another week to get on the field.

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