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How have Bears rebounded from blowout losses?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

I was thoroughly disgusted with Monday night's disaster in San Francisco and hope the Bears can bounce back. How have they rebounded from blowout losses in the past?

Kyle A.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Since 2008, the Bears are 5-1 in games immediately following a loss of at least 21 points. They had won five straight before last December when they lost to the Seahawks 38-14 at Soldier Field and they fell to the Packers 35-21 in Green Bay. In 2010, they beat the Vikings 40-14 in Minnesota after getting trounced by the Patriots 36-7 at Soldier Field. The Bears were 3-0 following blowout losses in 2009, beating the Browns 30-6 after losing to the Bengals 45-10, defeating the Rams 17-9 after falling to the Vikings 36-10 and beating the Vikings 36-30 in overtime after losing to the Ravens 31-7. Here's hoping they rebound Sunday when they host Minnesota.

With the offensive line struggling to protect the quarterback, do you think the Bears have been running the ball enough with Matt Forte?

Peter K.
Streamwood, Illinois

I think the Bears have actually stayed committed to their running game in their back-to-back losses to the Texans and 49ers; they just haven't been very successful. Matt Forte had 16 carries for only 39 yards against Houston and 21 attempts for 63 yards even though the Bears got down big very early in San Francisco. In both games, Forte's longest rush was only eight yards. While everyone no doubt will harp on the poor pass protection after the Monday night debacle, the run blocking hasn't exactly been stellar either.

Who do you think deserves most of the blame for Monday night's horrible loss?

Mike G.
Des Moines, Iowa

Wow. That may be the most difficult question I've ever received. I think it's impossible to pin most of the blame on any one person or area. Unlike a few previous games when dominant defensive performances overcame problems on offense, both phases were absolutely awful against the 49ers. As Jason Campbell said after the game, the Bears must learn from the tape, throw it away and then move forward. I know the Vikings aren't going to feel sorry for the Bears Sunday when they clash at Soldier Field.

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