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How is Allen Robinson's rehab going?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

I haven't heard much about Allen Robinson lately. I know the Bears are expecting him to be their No. 1 receiver this season, but how is he coming along from his knee injury?

Kevin B.
Oak Forest, Illinois

Bears coach Matt Nagy provided an update on receiver Allen Robinson after Wednesday's OTA practice, saying that the free-agent signee is "ahead of the game" and "looking good." Robinson is continuing to recover from a torn ACL he sustained in last year's season opener while playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Said Nagy: "We're feeling really good about his prognosis as far as getting started. We don't need to rush it. He's been doing great in meetings. He's answering every question in meetings. He's out here focused, doing everything we want him to do."

I know that Kyle Long is an athletic guy who possibly could move from guard to tackle one of these years. Do you think that could happen this season?

Ross J.
Midlothian, Illinois

Barring an injury to another starter, it appears that Kyle Long will remain at right guard. I know that coach Matt Nagy has said that Cody Whitehair will remain at center and second-round pick James Daniels will begin his pro career by competing at left guard. Asked Wednesday whether Long is locked into the right guard position, Nagy said: "No one on this team is locked into any position, but I would say he's about as close as you get. I mean, that's his spot. And I said the other day with Cody at center, we want these guys to feel comfortable in their positions."

Do you think that facing an experienced defense in OTAs and training camp is going to help or hurt a Bears offense that is installing a new system with new players?

Peter F.
Oceanside, California

I don't see how facing an established veteran defense can do anything but help the offense grow as players get accustomed to their teammates and the scheme. I'm sure it won't be fun in the beginning, but the challenge the defense provides should certainly help. Here's what coach Matt Nagy had to say about your question: "It's actually good for us because we're getting an experienced defense. My message to the team on the offensive side is just be patient and don't get frustrated. They understand that they're going to play a little bit faster than us right now. We'll have some growing pains, but we'll get back to square one in training camp."

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