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How many Bears have interception return TDs?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

I read that the Bears lead the NFL with 30 interception return touchdowns since 2004. How many different players have contributed to that total?

Roy M.
Guadalupe, California

Thirteen different players have generated the 30 interception returns since 2004, led by Charles Tillman with eight and Lance Briggs with four. Other players with multiple TDs include Tim Jennings (3), Major Wright (3), D.J. Moore (2), Brian Urlacher (2) and Nathan Vasher (2). Defenders who've returned one interception for a touchdown since 2004 are Jerry Azumah, Michael Haynes, R.J. McQuarters, Mike Brown, Ricky Manning Jr. and David Bass.

In last Sunday's Ravens game, I recall two or three plays when Josh McCown dropped back to pass, but when nothing was open he started to run and was stopped short of the line of scrimmage. Are those considered sacks or running plays?

Steven M.
La Crosse, Wisconsin

If the plays you're referring to gain positive yards, they're considered runs. But if the quarterback drops back to pass, takes off running and then gets stopped for no gain or negative yards, it's considered a sack. That happened twice against the Ravens, with Josh McCown getting back to the line of scrimmage on one play and losing one yard on the other. So while the stats show that the Ravens recorded two sacks in the game, the Bears only lost one yard on the two plays.

How is Craig Steltz? I'm hoping he recovers quickly (but not too quickly) from that wicked hit he took against the Ravens. He's a special teams stud and quality backup and the Bears would definitely miss his presence out there. How much time will he miss?

Dan B.

Craig Steltz suffered a concussion on the overtime kickoff last Sunday and is going through the protocol required by the NFL this week. He ran around a little bit at practice Wednesday and participated in the walkthrough portion. Here's what coach Marc Trestman said about getting Steltz back on the field: "We're going to make sure he's safe and over this before he goes out."

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