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How many Hester TDs have been erased by penalties?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

How many kick returns has Devin Hester taken to the end zone, only to have them brought back due to a flag on the play?

Pete H.
Montreal, Canada

Devin Hester's 62-yard punt return touchdown in last Sunday's loss to the Rams was the fourth TD return of his eight-year career with the Bears nullified by a penalty. The previous three were a 66-yard punt return in a 2006 playoff win over the Seahawks, a 95-yard kickoff return in a 2007 victory over the Chiefs and a 69-yard punt return in a 2009 win over the Browns.

I don't think Matt Forte gets the credit he deserves. He is now the Bears' second all-time leading rusher behind Walter Payton! Where does Forte rank among NFL backs since he joined the Bears?

Edward F.
Rockford, Illinois

Since entering the NFL in 2008, Matt Forte ranks fourth in the league in rushing with 6,178 yards, trailing only Adrian Peterson (8,505), Chris Johnson (7,593) and Frank Gore (6,213). He's also third in receiving yards among running backs with 2,739, behind Darren Sproles (3,199) and Ray Rice (2,888).

Turnovers always seem to be a huge factor in determining the outcome of games. What is the Bears record when winning and losing the turnover battle this season?

Pete W.
Crystal Lake, Illinois

So far this season the Bears are 5-0 with a positive turnover differential, 1-3 with a negative differential and 0-2 when it's even. So, you're certainly right about the importance of the statistic: If the Bears don't win the turnover battle they generally don't win the game.

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