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How will Hester fare only playing special teams?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

Do you think playing only on special teams this season will help or hurt Devin Hester?

Frank P.
Bolingbrook, Illinois

I think we'll see Devin Hester revert to form this season. Working solely on special teams and no longer part of the offense, I know he feels fresher coming out of training camp. Said Hester: "When you eliminate 50 or 60 snaps on offense, my legs are a lot fresher. I can feel it coming out of camp. I didn't have any nagging injuries. That was one of my most important things coming out of camp was to be injury free, and I feel great. I'm a lot fresher right now and that's one of the most important things for me this year."

Is Julius Peppers going to play against the Raiders?

Dave C.

Yes, after sitting out the Bears' first two preseason games with minor injuries, Pro Bowl defensive end Julius Peppers is expected to start Friday night's contest in Oakland. Said coach Marc Trestman: "Every player needs to work and needs to play, but we'll do the right thing for Julius. He's been doing this for a long time. Every player needs the work. That's why these guys come out here and work as hard as they do. You see the veterans; you saw in training camp. They want to play. They want to work, and we'll see where he is. He'll get a chance to play if he's 100 percent and believes he can go 100 percent." Peppers was expected to play last Friday night against the Chargers, but was a late scratch. Said Trestman: "He went out to work out and came into me just before the game and said he didn't feel quite right. Certainly I'm going to listen to what he says, and we did what we could in his best interest. "We're encouraged that he'll be ready to play [in Oakland]. We'll see how he feels. We know he's not a person who's going to put himself in a position where he wouldn't want to be with his teammates. I totally believe that. We'll see where he is in pregame."

What is the main objective for the Bears offense in Friday night's preseason game in Oakland?

Louis T.

After making a big jump from preseason game one to two, the Bears offense will look to take another positive step against the Raiders in Oakland. Said quarterback Jay Cutler: "We just want to get the offense going a little bit more, see some positives on film, keep getting better. It's not going to be perfect. We know that. We've prepared a little bit more. It's still training camp, so we're still trying to get some things done on our side and not worrying about Oakland. We'll just see how it goes. [We want to] get in and out of the huddle, limit our penalties and hopefully move the ball."

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