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Is Cutler undefeated with 100+ passer rating?

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I remember reading awhile back that Jay Cutler has never lost a game when his passer rating is over 100. What is his record with a rating over 100, and how does it stand up?

Andrew E.
Normal, Illinois

After recording a 140.1 passer rating in Monday night's win over the Cowboys, Jay Cutler is now 24-0 as a starter in seven NFL seasons when registering a passer rating of at least 100. The only other active quarterbacks who are undefeated with at least 10 games over 100 are the Falcons' Matt Ryan (27-0) and the 49ers' Alex Smith (12-0).

In Monday night's win over the Cowboys, Lance Briggs was credited with an interception. To me, it looked like Henry Melton stripped the ball from Tony Romo. Shouldn't that have been ruled a sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery for a touchdown instead?

Clyde S.

I agree with you. I watched the replay several times and it looks to me that the ball squirted out of Tony Romo's hands when he was hit by Henry Melton. Romo does make a follow through motion with his right arm, but the ball is already gone. It obviously doesn't matter because Lance Briggs caught the ball in the air, but had it hit the ground I'm sure the Bears would have challenged the ruling of a pass. I wouldn't be surprised if the NFL office changes the play to a fumble this week.

Everyone was so focused on the ball being tipped during the pass interference call against the Cowboys in the end zone in the fourth quarter of Monday night's game. But if you watch the entire play, you will see that the defender had his hands all over Brandon Marshall the entire time. Wouldn't that nullify the fact that the ball was tipped at the end of the play?

P. Allen
Newark, Delaware

Yes, it would. In fact, it looked to me that Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr was holding Brandon Marshall before the ball was even thrown. As a result of that, I think the officials should have flagged Carr for defensive holding instead of pass interference, which would have made the question about whether the ball was tipped irrelevant.

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