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Packers game wasn't a must-win?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

Lovie Smith said the Bears were not in "must-win" mode against the Packers and that it was a must-win game for the NFC North title. The Bears needed to win the game against the Packers to have any shot at winning the division. So winning the division is no longer a priority of his?

Jeremy N.
Muscatine, Iowa

Everyone who is criticizing Bears coach Lovie Smith for saying that the Packers game was not a "must win" is taking what he said completely out of context. Believe me, no one wants to beat the Packers and win the NFC North title more than Smith. He was simply making the point that the Packers game was a must-win in terms of winning the NFC North championship, but even after losing to Green Bay the Bears still have an opportunity to make the playoffs as a wildcard.

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on Brian Urlacher's comments about not caring about what the fans and the media. Is the media blowing it out of proportion and taking it out of context? I think the fans have a right to boo, especially as bad as the offense performed against the Packers.

Appleton, Wisconsin

Yes, I think some members of the media are taking what Brian Urlacher said out of context. He didn't say that he doesn't care about Bears fans. He was replying specifically to a question about those who think that Lovie Smith should be fired and said that he doesn't care what people thought about that. Urlacher probably could have chosen better words to defend his coach. But like I said, he wasn't saying he doesn't care about Bears fans as some in the media have written and said. In terms of the fans booing at home games, I totally agree with you that they have that right, especially if they see what they perceive as a lack of effort.

If the Bears do win their last two games and make the playoffs, who do you think they will play?

Ray T.
Naperville, Illinois

If the Bears earn a wildcard berth, they likely would enter the playoffs as the sixth and final seed in the NFC and open on the road against the third seed. Right now the Packers (10-4) are the third seed, but they're only a half-game behind the 49ers (10-3-1). Green Bay ends the season by hosting the Titans and visiting the Vikings, while the 49ers visit the Seahawks and host the Cardinals.

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