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When was last time Bears had such a long drive?

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That was an amazing drive to ice Monday night's win over the Packers. When was the last time the Bears had the ball that long and capped the possession with a score?

Ben G.
Oswego, Illinois

The Bears' 18-play, 80-yard drive that resulted in Robbie Gould's 27-yard field goal late in Monday night's win over the Packers was certainly a thing of beauty. It burned 8:58 off the clock, preventing Green Bay from getting the ball back until there was :46 left in the game. It was the Bears' longest scoring drive in terms of plays since an 18-play, 67-yard drive that was capped by Gould's 31-yard field goal Dec. 23, 2007 in the first quarter of a 35-7 win over the Packers at Soldier Field. Time-wise, it was the longest scoring drive since a possession of 9:18 that was capped by Gould's 31-yard field goal Oct. 7, 2012 in the third quarter of a 41-3 win in Jacksonville.

Why didn't the Bears challenge the spot on Martellus Bennett's reception on the play before Matt Forte picked up a first down on fourth-and-one? I thought Bennett had the first down.

Art H.

Coach Marc Trestman, who didn't have a clear view of the play from his spot on the Bears sideline on the other side of the field, said Wednesday that his assistants up in a coaching booth advised him not to challenge the spot. He also indicated after watching the play later that he doesn't think the Bears would have won a challenge. Said Trestman: "The guys upstairs said, 'Don't even challenge it. We're not going to get the spot.' That doesn't mean I couldn't have or shouldn't have. I just decided not to. From my perspective, I couldn't tell how close it was, so I had to trust the guys upstairs, and they were right. Not by much, but they were right."

Why did Mel Tucker move down to coach from the sideline Monday night and will he remain there in the future?

Steven G.

Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker left the coaching booth for the sideline primarily because the Bears had two rookies starting at linebacker in Jon Bostic and Khaseem Greene as well as James Anderson calling plays for the first time. Said Tucker: "I thought I could help with the communication, get the call in quicker. With this particular group of guys at this particular time I thought it would be better for me to be with them on the sideline." Tucker also indicated that he would be back on the sideline Sunday when the Bears host the Lions.

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