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Will David Fales play in last two games?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

I'm a big supporter of Jay Cutler and I'm very hopeful that he's back next year leading the Bears. Having said that, with the team out of playoff contention this year, do you expect we'll see David Fales over the next three games, perhaps even as a starter? I'd just like to see what Fales can do with extended playing time to know whether or not he can be the backup next year.

Madison, Wisconsin

Barring an injury to Jay Cutler, I don't think we'll see David Fales get any meaningful playing time in the last two games. The only way to build a winning organization and create a winning culture is by winning, and the Bears clearly feel (and with good reason) that Jay Cutler gives them the best chance to win. As a result, I fully expect Cutler to remain the starter the rest of the season. The Bears will have to be content with evaluating Fales during offseason workouts, in training camp and in preseason games. It's pretty much the same situation throughout the league.

Even though Jay Cutler has dramatically cut down his interceptions this season, he still seems to fumble a lot. What are the offensive coaches doing about that?

Jim A.
Buffalo, New York

The No. 1 thing they're focusing on is getting the ball out of his hands quickly. You obviously can't fumble if you don't have the ball and the Bears want Jay Cutler to get it to his receivers as quickly as he can. They're also working with him to hold the ball higher as he stands in the pocket. Offensive coordinator Adam Gase and quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains work with Cutler on that in every practice. Every day they do a drill where they try to bat the ball out of his hands with a padded bat.

Are the Bears the only NFL team that Lovie Smith has not defeated as a head coach? I know the Bears won last year's meeting against him at Soldier Field.

Neil P.
Algonquin, Illinois

The Bears are one of four NFL teams that Lovie Smith has never defeated. The other three are AFC squads. He's 0-4 against the Texans, 0-3 versus the Bengals and 0-2 against the Patriots. Smith was 0-4 versus the Redskins in his nine seasons with the Bears, but he beat them last year in his first season with the Buccaneers.

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