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In his own words: Miller talks Bears playoffs


With the Bears preparing to host the Eagles in the first round of the playoffs Sunday, rookie receiver Anthony Miller. shares his thoughts exclusively with

I've been blessed to be able to be on two great teams in the Memphis Tigers and the Chicago Bears. A lot of guys who came into the league as rookies with me are sitting at home right now. I'm on this great team with a great group of guys, and not only are we winning games, but we're having fun doing it.

I knew we had the potential to become this type of team when we first started practicing in the spring. Guys have been on top of it since then. We're had a focus that people say they haven't seen in a while. We also play with a lot of swag and have a lot of fun.

We have a lot of chemistry on this team. Everybody clicks the same, young and old. We've got guys who are 30, we've got guys who are 21, and everyone meshes really well. No one just hangs around in the corner by themselves.

This is pretty much what I expected the NFL to be like. It's really a mental game. You have to be on top of all aspects of the game in order to play. It's truly professional football. But it's more fun than anything. I'm just blessed to be able to play with guys like this.

In terms of teammates with playoff experience, Trey Burton just won the Super Bowl last year with the Eagles. We enjoy making plays and that's what he said to do, just go out there and have fun and don't try to do anything extra, just stick to doing your job.