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Is Floyd a boom-or-bust draft pick?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

I've seen a lot of draft experts describe Bears first-round selection Leonard Floyd as a boom-or-bust pick. What are your thoughts on that?

Steve B.
West Chicago, Illinois

I've always been puzzled by that term. Isn't virtually every pick in the draft—aside from the once-in-a-generation sure thing like John Elway or Peyton Manning really a boom-or-bust possibility? To me, that term means the player could be a great success or a huge disappointment and you can apply that, like I said, to probably 99 percent of the players in the draft. The biggest question marks to me in a draft are the prospects who have limited experience, have an injury history or are projected at a different position in the NFL. Leonard Floyd excelled at outside linebacker for three seasons at Georgia and possesses all the traits to thrive in the NFL. Plus I have a lot faith in defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and outside linebackers coach Clint Hurtt to help him reach his full potential.

How many top-10 picks have the Bears had over the years and how have they fared?

Dennis P.
Bakersfield, California

Leonard Floyd is the 17th player selected by the Bears in the top-10 of the draft in the Super Bowl era. He's the third chosen at No. 9, joining defensive lineman Al Harris in 1979 and linebacker Brian Urlacher in 2000. Some have had a great deal of success—like Urlacher and Hall of Famers Walter Payton (No. 4 in 1975) and Dan Hampton (No. 4 in 1979)—and others not so much—like running backs Curtis Enis (No. 5 in 1998) and Cedric Benson (No. 4 in 2005). Other top-10 picks by the Bears since the late 1960s include tackle Lionel Antoine (No. 3 in 1972), defensive tackle Wally Chambers (No. 8 in 1973), linebacker Waymond Bryant (No. 4 in 1974), tackle Dennis Lick (No. 8 in 1976), quarterback Jim McMahon (No. 5 in 1982), tackle Jim Covert (No. 6 in 1983), safety Mark Carrier (No. 6 in 1990), receiver Curtis Conway (No. 7 in 1993), receiver David Terrell (No. 8 in 2001) and receiver Kevin White (No. 7 in 2015).

I'm a big Georgia fan and was wondering if the Bears have ever spent a first-round draft pick on a Dawgs player.

Bruce L.
Lavonia, Georgia

Leonard Floyd is the first Georgia player the Bears have ever drafted in the first round. They have now selected a total of 18 from the university in Athens, Ga., since the draft began in 1936. The previous player was defensive lineman Cornelius Washington in the sixth round of the 2013 draft.

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