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Kromer introduced in latest edition of "Inside Rookie Minicamp"

The fourth of's five-part video series "Inside Rookie Minicamp" features an entertaining look at first-year offensive coordinator/line coach Aaron Kromer. Inside Rookie Minicamp

"Blunt is a word I would use to describe coach Kromer's coaching style," Bears first-round draft pick Kyle Long says in a sit-down interview during the segment.

"It's not for shock value. Everything that he says is intended to get a response, whether it be mentally or physically. He wants you to respond in a positive manner. I love that after every rep I know that there will be some form of constructive criticism."

"Inside Rookie Minicamp" gives fans unprecedented access to Bears players and coaches. Viewers are taken inside meeting rooms, the locker room, weight room, equipment room, lunch room and onto the practice field.

In the fourth part of the series, Kromer explains his approach to coaching rookies.

"I want them to understand the importance of the little things in football and how the little things will carry over to them having success," Kromer says. "I try to get to them early on the most important keys to blocking and technique and then work the big picture later."

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