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Pace discusses Bears topics on pregame show


General manager Ryan Pace spoke with Jeff Joniak Sunday morning on the Bears pregame radio show on WBBM Newsradio 780 AM and 105.9 FM. The following is a transcript of Pace's comments:

When you reflect on last weekend's comeback win over the Lions, what did that mean to the Bears?

"When you look back at it, it's really a credit to our culture and our players and our coaches just staying together, believing in each other, staying the course. I think each win has a great impact on the team. We're proud to be 1-0 and now the focus is on the Giants."

What did the play of Mitchell Trubisky and the offense tell you?

"We're proud of the way he responded, but ]we're also] really [proud of] all of our players and coaches. It's not just the offense. It's the defense stepping up in key moments, and special teams. I think [when] you look back on it, it's a total team effort and it's really confirmed our thoughts on what we're capable of doing as a team when we all play together."

Could part of the defense's struggles against the Lions have to do with adding new pieces to the unit?

"We have high expectations for our 'D.' That's the standard we've set, and they have that for themselves, too, and it should be that way. But you said it: there's a lot of new pieces on that side of the ball and I think a lot of it is still coming together. But we feel like the way we're practicing right now and the corrections we've made off that game, hopefully we're going to feel that really soon."

How much will it help if Robert Quinn returns to join Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks?

"We've got a lot of those pieces coming back. Robert put together a good week at practice and it's good to have him today on the field. We know the difference he can make, especially when you pair him with those other guys."

What is Anthony Miller becoming right now in your eyes?

"You watch his route running right now, his hands, his physicality, his confidence. We love the energy he brings every day. He's full speed in everything he does. That showed up last week and we're hopeful that it shows up today as well."

Did the conversation you had with Allen Robinson this week (after he took all Bears references off of his social media accounts) serve both sides well and answer any concerns?

"One of the things that I'm most proud of is just the collaboration we have with [head coach] Matt [Nagy] and I, and also our relationships when it comes to communicating with our players. It's very open, it's very honest, and we think very highly of 'ARob.' We know he wants to be here. We want him here. When you look, we have a proven track record of taking care of our guys with extensions. There have been a lot of them throughout the years at different positions and I'm confident in the process."

Even though he may be feeling frustration or emotion, I'm sure his commitment and performance will remain where it always has been, right?

"The way he's handled everything, none of that surprised me. [He's a] complete pro, leader that carries the right mindset. So none of that was surprising."

Did you learn a lot from the scrimmage you had at Soldier Field and the season opener last week and are now scheming sound a little bit?

"I'm not going to lie; it was a strange experience [without fans]. It's obviously not ideal being without our fans and the homefield advantage that they create. But that's 2020. We know that our fans are with us all the way, even though they're not at the stadium. You're right, the sound is different. We had a feel for it in our scrimmage at Soldier Field and obviously at Ford Field last week in Detroit. But we're prepared for the difference. I don't think it affects our team in a huge way, but it's just unusual."

What are your thoughts on Giants tight end Evan Engram?

"Dynamic, especially as a receiving threat. He's difficult to cover because he's just such a good route runner. And then he has that speed to threaten vertically. So he's just dangerous. He's explosive. He's a guy who can create consistent separation for the quarterback to throw to. So he's definitely one of their key pieces on offense."