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Pace talks Bears on pregame radio show


Bears general manager Ryan Pace spoke to radio play-by-play announcer Jeff Joniak on WBBM Newsradio 780 AM and 105.9 FM before Monday night's game against the Seahawks. Here's a transcript of that interview.

On Bears loss to Packers:
"Obviously a tale of two halves, a good first half, but you've got to complete a whole game, especially on the road against Green Bay against that quarterback, so we've got to find ways to close those out, play better in the second half, and I'm sure we'll do that."

On Khalil Mack's Week 1 performance:
"He's obviously a special player, a talented player. But to have him come in on a short week and have that kind of performance, we all know he's in great shape, but there's a difference between that kind of shape and football shape, so for him to play like that, I just think speaks well to his conditioning and his level of physical of talent."

On combination of Mack and linebacker Roquan Smith on defense:
"Those are key pieces of our defense, and I think they've acclimated in very quickly and, hey, handcuffs are off, let's go."

On offensive performance against Packers:
"I think especially in the first half, you look at the first drive, and the way we were in sync, the creativity, the balance, we were crisp, but it's just carrying that through the entire game and carrying that momentum through the entire game. I liked the final drive where we chewed up a lot of clock, went down and kicked a critical field goal, but again, we've just got to close these game out."

On adjusting to new offensive playbook:
"We've got a new offense, a new offensive scheme, a young quarterback with a lot of new pieces, and it's got to come together, and that will happen, yeah sometimes it does take a little time for that to gel."

On 2018 roster:
"We feel good about our personnel. We feel good about our talent, but again, it's all got to come together and play as a collective team as we saw in the last game. That's what we need tonight is collective team play."

On Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson:
"There's no question he's one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL with a lot of special traits, but his ability to extend plays with his athleticism and buy time, and the stress that puts on your defense as you're trying to plaster and hold coverage, that's difficult to do. So we've got to really corral him. Fortunately, we have a lot more team speed this year, so hopefully that'll help out."

On Seahawks front office:
"A ton of respect for that staff. [General manager] John Schneider has done a great job just turning over that roster getting a lot of team speed. They're a talented roster, and I think you saw what that did to that team, especially when they surrounded the quarterback with those weapons, and it's paid off for them."