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Play 60 - Read 20

The Chicago Bears and tight end Martellus Bennett partnered with NFL veteran and New York Times Bestselling author Tim Green to present a Play 60/Read 20 event on Tuesday, October 14 at Elmwood Elementary School in Zion.


Martellus Bennett

Students in the 4th-6th grades starting off the morning "Reading 20," when Bennett and Green alternated reading the first three chapters of Green's latest novel, First Team. Eager to find out what happened in the rest of the book, the kids were thrilled to learn that they would each be receiving a copy of First Team to take home with them after the visit! Bennett and Green also talked to the students about the positive impact reading has on building academic strength and character.

Afterwards, the kids got up and "Played 60" by taking part in several football and fitness drills led by Bennett, Green, and Bears mascot Staley Da Bear!

The Play 60/Read 20 platform is being piloted in New York and Chicago in 2014. Through the Bears long-standing partnership with the United Way of Lake County, Elmwood Elementary School was identified to take part in this innovative program. All students in attendance will receive a copy of First Team.

Play 60 is the NFL's youth health and fitness campaign. Designed to help tackle childhood obesity, Play 60 focuses on making the next generation of kids the most active and healthy by encouraging them to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The Chicago Bears implement the Play 60 message through a variety of in-school, after-school, web-based and youth-targeted programs that emphasize the importance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.

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