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Postgame Pulse: Bears vs. Cowboys

mundy_postgame_pulse_main_120414.jpg takes you inside the locker room with quotes from Bears players following Thursday's loss against the Cowboys at Soldier Field.

Jared Allen, DE
*On how the Bears will get through the rest of the season: *
"If you're not self-motivated you shouldn't be doing this job and I think we've got a bunch of self-motivated guys. We've got to look in the mirror, correct our mistakes and focus on the Saints." *On if the Bears were in it at the end: *
"Absolutely. I thought we were in it the whole game honestly..we've got to stop the run on defense and it comes down to guys standing their ground and making plays when they've got an opportunity to make them and there's little things. There's little things that have to be fixed and hats off to Dallas. They did a good job executing tonight, we didn't. Offense got it going there in the second-half and we had a chance. We climbed back in and defensively, when we get back within two scores we've got to get off the field, give the ball back to our offense to see if they can do something. We got ourselves in deep too early."

Ryan Mundy, S
*On the Bears defensive performance versus the Cowboys: *
"Disappointed cause it was everything we saw in practice. All I can really say is we didn't play well enough, didn't play well enough. There was something here, something there, a penalty here, penalty there - can't have that and we didn't play well enough. Gave up too many big plays, didn't get off the field when we need to and that's really all you can say about that." *On the Bears comeback in the fourth quarter: *
"What I look at is - we've got to play better. We didn't play well enough especially on defense. We put the offense in some bad spots. We've got to get off the field, give them a short field, we've got to get momentum on our side of the ball. Didn't turn the ball over - we didn't play well enough."

Jonathan Bostic, LB
*On the Bears at this point in the season: *
"I'd be lying to you if I said that I'm OK with it. Disappointed, but the fact of the matter is that, heading into this game we still had a quarter of our season left so it's not like we can just go out there and start feeling sorry for ourselves and saying, 'we didn't have the season that we wanted to have so let's just cash it in these next four games.' We have a great group here, great group of men - coaches and players - we've just got to find a way to come together and execute and try to win some ball games and finish strong." *On the difficulty of keeping focused the rest of the year: *
"I'd imagine it would be for some people but that's why we have veteran guys on our team and our coaching staff to help lead the way to help give us some perspective. We still have three games left and we can't just go out there and just lay-down. We've got to play with some pride, we've got to play with some focus, we've got to play with some intensity. That's what this game is about and in the grand scheme of things we've just got to go out there and not only represent yourself but think about how you want to finish the season. It's not the way we wanted it to go but I think how we finish this season will really say a lot about the type of character we have on this team."

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